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Executive Report on Soda/Cognitive Mapping

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KXI222 Business and Information Analysis

Assignment 1

Executive Report on SODA/Cognitive Mapping

Title: Executive Report

Type: In-Semester - individual assignment

Task Length: 6 A4 pages in 12 point font plus bibliography

Weighting: 10%

Due: 3.00pm Wednesday, March 28th , 2012

Description: Executive Report on SODA/Cognitive Mapping Methodology for Strategy Formulation and Organisational Problem Solving

Imagine that you are an early career junior executive in a multinational corporation. You are well thought of by the CEO who regards you as an “ideas person”. The CEO has asked you to prepare a short briefing paper or executive report on the SODA/Cognitive Mapping methodology. The CEO hopes that you can clearly describe and explain the methodology in about 6 pages – the CEO does not have time to do the reading of books and journals himself and, further, does not have the time to read a report of more than 6 pages.

For academic purposes please reference the Executive Report carefully, listing the references in alphabetical order of family names in a section called “References” [The References section does not count as part of the 6 pages].

In the Executive Report you are expected to cover, among other things, the following:
• The assumptions and theory behind SODA/Cognitive Mapping
• The nature of cognitive mapping, oval mapping and causal mapping and any differences between them
• Advantages, disadvantages, problems and issues with cognitive mapping, causal mapping and oval mapping.
• Advantages, disadvantages, problems and issues with the SODA methodology
• The application of SODA/Cognitive Mapping to both strategy formulation and organisational problem solving
• The range of applicability of SODA/Cognitive mapping. For example is it useful in solving all types of organisational problems or is it better for some than…...

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