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Exam series | Sect A Plate Tec(7 marks) | Sect APlate tec(8 marks) | Sect A Plate tec(10 marks) | | Sect CPlate tec essay (40 marks) | June 2010 | Study fig 1 a photo …recent earthquake. Using fig 1 only, comment on the evidence that suggest that an earthquake has recently taken place | Describe how seismic waves and earthquakes can be measured | With reference to two seismic events you have studied from contrasting areas of the world, compare the ways in which earthquakes and their impacts have been managed | | “The hazards presented by volcanic and seismic events have the greatest impact on the world’s poorest people” To what extent do you agree with this view? | Jan 2011 | Study fig 1, a map showing tectonic features in the Philippines. Comment on the degree to which the area of the Philippines might be subject to tectonic hazards | Outline the formation of hot spots and explain their relationship to plate movement | With reference to 2 volcanic events that you have studied from contrasting areas of the world, compare the nature of the volcanic hazard and its impact | | “Volcanic and seismic events are major pieces of evidence towards proving that plate tectonics theory is valid”. Discuss the extent to which you agree with this statement. | June 2011 | Study fig 1 which is an image of the sea bed of the N Atlantic Ocean … Comment on the extent to which the features shown support the theory of plate tectonics. | Describe the characteristics of, and explain the formation of, minor forms of extrusive volcanic activity. | In what ways does volcanic activity vary in relation to the type of plate margin along which it occurs. | | Discuss the view that the impact of earthquake hazards depends primarily on human factors. | Jan 2012 | Study fig 1 which shows the relationship between shaking intensity (Mercalli scale) and different types of building structure. Describe and comment on the information provided. | Outline the features of seismic waves | Evaluate the management strategies adopted following one earthquake that you have studied. | | To what extent can preparedness and planning mitigate the effects of volcanic hazards? | | | | | | | | Sect A Weather & clim(7 marks) | Sect AWeather & Clim (8 marks) | Sect A Weather & Clim (10 makrs) | | Sect CWeather & clim essay (40 marks) | June 2010 | Study fig 2 which shows temps in Dublin ….. Describe and comment on the extent of the urban heat island shown | Explain how urban structures and layout affect winds | With reference to examples, discuss how pollution reduction policies have attempted to lessen the incidence of particulate pollution and photo chemical smog. | | Discuss the impacts of storm events in the British Isles and evaluate the responses to them. | Jan 2011 | Study fig 2, synoptic chart of British Isles. Describe and explain the weather that eastern England experienced.(Note – high pressure in Oct is the focus) | Outline air masses that affect the British Isles and describe the weather associated with them | Explain both the origin of depressions and the weather associated with them as they move across an area. | | “Up and down, up and down – that is how temperature and climate have always gone in the past and there is no proof they are not still doing exactly the same now. In other words, climate change is an entirely natural phenomenon, nothing to do with the burning of fossil fuels” David Bellamy.Discuss the extent to which you agree with this statement. | June 2011 | Study fig 2 which shows the average annual global distribution of insolation at the Earth’s surface. Describe and comment on the distribution shown. | With the aid of a diagram, describe the structure of the atmosphere. | Explain how each of altitude and oceanic circulation influence climate. | | To what extent do urban areas modify their climate. | Jan 2012 | Study fig 2 which shows …changes in temp, sea level and snow cover… Describe and comment on the changes shown. | Describe the possible effects of global warming on a tropical region that you have studied. | Discuss the responses to global warming on an international scale. | | To what extent can preparedness and planning mitigate the effects of tropical revolving storms? | | | | | | | | Sect BWorld cities (7 marks) | Sect B World Cities (8 marks) | Sect B World Cities (10 marks) | | Sect C – World Cites essay(40 marks) | June 2010 | Study fig 4 a photograph of an area of a city in India. Using fig 4 only, comment on the characteristics of the urban landscape shown. Suggest how it could be improved. | Explain the process of suburbanisation and describe its effects. | Evaluate the success of one urban regeneration scheme or policy that you have studied | | With reference to either waste management in urban areas or transport management in urban areas, discuss the extent to which sustainability can be achieved. | Jan 2011 | Study fig 4 which shows a number of trends concerning changes in retailing and other services. Comment on the trends shown. | Outline the characteristics of one out of town centre retailing area you have studied. | With reference to one or more examples, evaluate the success of redevelopment of urban centres in response to recent trends in retailing. | | With reference to examples, evaluate the success or otherwise of urban regeneration schemes in combating the causes and consequences of urban decline. | June 2011 | Study fig 4a and 4b …. (pattern of economic deprivation in a NE town and how it has changed.Describe the pattern of economic deprivation in the town in 1999 and comment on the degree to which the level of deprivation changed between 2003 and 2005 | With reference to examples, suggest reasons for urban decline | Evaluate the effectiveness of one partnership scheme in achieving urban regeneration | | With reference to examples, assess the degree to which the level of economic development of a country affects planning and management in urban areas | Jan 2012 | Study fig 4, a photo of a central urban area that has recently undergone redevelopment. Comment on the features of the area shown. | Outline the process of counter-urbanisation and describe its effects | Discuss the planning and management issues that have arisen in areas that have undergone urbanisation in recent years. | | To what extent can urban areas be sustainable? | | | | | | | | | | | | |
Plate tectonics

40 markers * Evidence based * Volcano type based – major extrusive * Intrusive v extrusive
Smaller qs * characteristics/formation of a landform * boundary type specific * Intrusive v extrusive * Volcano types * Vulcanicity

Weather & climate

40 markers * Global atmos circ – linked to a region studied * British Isles * Tropical region studied
Smaller qs * GAC * Surface winds * Latitide * British Climate * Tropical region * Urban precip * Smogs * National & local responses to GW

World cities
Smaller qs * City types * Development linked to urbanisation * Re-urbanisation * Gentrification * Property led * Waste or transport…...

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