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Personal Development Portfolio

The following personal development portfolio of Rizwan Abubakar is established for a time frame of five years, starting from 1. June 2013 to 31. May 2018.

1. Executive Summary

This is a reflection of my development strategies for the next five years which includes my career plan, objectives, SWOT analysis, mission, vision etc. This also includes my enthusiastic involvement in many activities outside of the academic circle which is critical aspect of this Personal Development Portfolio. By doing this I will develop my understanding of differentiated instruction including planning lessons using principles from understanding by design, so that I will be able to reach a higher level of understanding as evidenced by assessments, student surveys, reflection, and participation.


I am Rizwan Abubakar from India, My father is a retired supervisor and my mother works as an assistant in a Government office. I’ve a sister who is younger to me who is studying in junior college. India is very diverse in culture. Being born in India has made me understand and value different cultures, religions. I belong to a muslim family. I personally believe India is a best example of democracy. There are many different religions, cultures, languages which exist side by side.

I speak 4 different languages Hindi, English, Urdu, Kannada.


I did my schooling in Mysore a city in southern part of India. I did my primary and high school in Savithri High school. Later on I joined Marimallapa College and there by completed my 12 grade. I have always been an average student. After my 12th I entered into a management program in University of Mysore one of the top ranked universities in India. This is where I developed my skills that are essential for surviving in a competitive environment. This degree has given me an opportunity to study in one of the prominent colleges in Ireland Dublin Business School. At first I’d doubt about my career ahead after graduating and being a part of Dublin Business School I am confident of achieving a successful career a head.

2. Promoter(s)

2.1 Career Objective

The career objectives of myself are as follows:

Seeking a challenging role in management and film making using my skills and abilities
The ultimate objective of my life is to become an entrepreneur of a Multi-national corporation ltd. As a fresher I need to start from the basics and after completing my MBA and having no work experience but I’ve acquired skills from the academic which will enhance my potential in reaching my goal. I would like to seek a challenging position in esteemed organization, so as to prove my skills and abilities in a disciplined manner

2.2 Values and Value-Statement

The most significant values identified are….

Discipline, Equality, Respect to others and value others view, life.
To share my knowledge about people, management, and workplaces having a positive frame
To help people deal powerfully in their life
To guide people towards the path of success.
To serve people

2.3. Passion

The passion of MYNAME lies in …..

I’ve a passion for exploring the world. I like travelling new places and meeting people, I will look for a career which involves travel so that I can use the opportunity to explore different places using while I am working, I like trekking, hiking. Overall I’ve intense liking for nature and I love to explore natural world. The world is an awesome place there is so much to experience and this learning doesn’t come through knowledge but only through experience of oneself. The same applies to work environment.

2.4. Vision

“In five years time, I will be ….”
A leader in corporate world where I can solve the problems which emerge in an economy I want to transform my talking into actions. I’ve a vision to do as much as I can in solving problems that exist in modern society.

2.5. Mission

“My mission is to start up a non-profit organization dedicated to help people and to work hand in hand with other in line organization in designing a better approach in growing corporate world which can aid people globally.

2.6 Personal SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis reveals areas in which MYNAME has a competitive edge and bright prospects, but also points out areas that are subject for further analysis and improvement.

|Strengths (internal) |Weaknesses (internal) |
|Easy going |No work experience |
|Team work |Time management |
|Effective communication skills |Lack of academic knowledge |
|Management planning skills |Lack of self-expression |
|Self-belief |Depression |
|Respect to others | |
| | |
|Opportunities (external) |Threats (external) |
|Network or circles |Competition in work environment |
|Connections with professional |Threat to new entrants into experienced market |
|I’ve good research and analysis skills which is what is required | |
| | |
| | |
| | |


My strengths are honesty, trustworthy, reliable etc. I don’t expect from other I do my own stuff with passion and reliance. I trust my instincts. I appear to be calm and collective.


I am complacent, emotional, relaxed


Opportunity knocks door and one should be vary of the surrounding and should know when to grab it and in this world of growing economic scale there are lot of opportunities to grab.


Being a fresher and having no work experience is the main threat.

2.7 Positioning

I can position myself as a customer service representative as I have skills and abilities in understanding people

2.8 Resourcing


Seeking a challenging task to utilize my skills and abilities in the Industry that offers professional growth as per skills, Have an empathetic and full involvement in the performance to reach the target.


Computer Basics, MS- Office, Internet

|Institutions | Board/University |Examination |Year / % |
| |KSEEB |SSLC |2006/82% |
| |Dept. Of PU Education |PUC |2009/ 50% |
| |University Of Mysore |1st S.S BBM |2009/ 60% |
| |University Of Mysore |2nd S.S BBM |2010/ 58% |
| |University Of Mysore |3rd S.S BBM |2010/ 56% |
| |University Of Mysore |4th S.S BBM |2011/54% |
| |University Of Mysore |5th S.S BBM |2011/54% |


Date of Birth : 10 OCT 1990
Father’s Name : ABUBAKAR SAIT
Mother’s Name : GULHEER BEGUM
Marital Status : Single
Nationality : Indian


English, Hindi, Urdu, Kannada



I hereby declare that the above-furnished information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.


Date: 09 DEC 2012 (RIZWAN)

During my under graduation periods I strengthen my knowledge through reading and researching. Scope of a new business and its wide possibilities to establish it worldwide is always in my mind.

During my post-graduation (MBA) period I got a wide collection of library support and good lecturing from Dublin Business School in Dublin Ireland. From my MBA I understood that it’s a huge mountain to climb so as to achieve my goal
I am planning to research on a business management topic as it will help me to strengthen my ideas and knowledge.

3. Overview

The vision of Rizwan Abubakar is to be a leader in corporate world where I can solve the problems which emerge in an economy I want to transform my talking into actions. I’ve a vision to do as much as I can in solving problems that exist in modern society

The goals on a five year time-frame for Rizwan Abubakar are: • 1. June 213 – finished MBA successfully with a good mark, • 1 September 2013 – get into senior customer service role in MNC • 1 June 2014 –become line HR manager in current job and committee member • 1 Sept 2016 – become senior HR manager in my firm • 1 May 2017 – set up office and staff for own management consultancy company • 31 May 2018 – Owner of a non-profit organization

4. Marketing

4.1 Customers

Prospective customers identified • Excellent technical knowledge • Good leadership quality • Excellent communication skill. • Have good personality. • Have good personal character • Have good sense of humor • Have a good mindset to understand people

4.1.1 Realistic and Immediate Customers
I am planning to enter costumer service sector utilizing my abilities of communication and understanding ones needs.

4.1.2 Next Stage Customers

Further customers would be of same category but at larger scale

4.2 Competition

The competition would be immense. The advantage I have is I first plan study and then execute depending upon the type of environment.

Competitions should be there as for the growth of my carrier, condition of which I dominates others. Lack of experience is my initial problem..

After starting my job the greatest threat was to phase the successors. I have got good self-confidence and good technical knowledge to overcome that situation.

4.3 Product/Service

By having a good management degree and an MBA is an added advantage. I start with customer service representative in an MNC. I plan to serve and provide more and more better service offering over the next 5 years and stay committed for a long term.

4.4 Place

Plan to help clients or buyers of the service from all parts of world with the advancement in technology place should not be a concern.

4.5 Price

During my internship period I need a basic pay of €750/month for first 3 months and 1000 for next 3 months. During my working period as customer care service manager I need a basic pay of € 50000/year and an increment of €5000/year.
4.6 Promotion

Use the internet for promoting
Use of digital media.
Create and own home page.
Delivering the hard and soft copy to clients
Talk and meet recruiters on fairs and seminars.

7. Perception

First perception is the best perception I will design services according to the customers’ needs and have a positive feeling amongst customers. Customers should get the best value.

5. Finance

5.1 Initial Financing of Rizwan Abubakar

|Rent |transportation |Internet/electricity |Food/clothes/shopping |Savings/month |
|€250 |€180 |€150 |€400 |€200 |
|€250 |€180 |€100 |€200 |€300 |

5.2 Financing Rizwan Abubakar over five years

|Wages | rent |Travel/car |Misc |Food, |Internet/ |
|/year | | | |Clothes |electricity |
|30000 |2400 |960 |20 |680 |400 |
|31000 |6000 |1800 |30 |780 |600 |
|42000 |6000 |1500 |40 |1000 |450 |
|43000 |10400 |1100 |50 |650 |560 |
|65000 |10400 |900 |60 |800 |640 |…...

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