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ABC Company Code of Ethics
Brian P. Bennetti
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ABC Company
Code of Ethics

Section I: Introduction ABC Company (the Company) strives to achieve the highest levels of integrity throughout all levels of its organization. This document will serve as a guide to the expectations set forth within. We must always act as professionals and treat our stakeholders with honor and respect. It is the expectation of the Company that the policies outlined in this document be followed without deviation. There are several values we must embrace as an organization to fully realize the values that set us apart from others in the industry. Section II will specify these values.

Section II: Standard and Policies Standards:
· Trustworthiness – All employees shall demonstrate a trustworthy attitude with regard to their everyday duties.

· Respect – All employees will treat any and all, fellow employees, clients, vendors, suppliers, and business partners with respect. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
· Fairness - All employees will treat any and all, fellow employees, clients, vendors, suppliers, and business partners fairly. · Responsibility – All employees will strive for excellence in all that they do. They will follow all ethical and legal business standards. They will be responsible for their actions. · Integrity - All employees will be truthful and honest. They will say what they mean and mean what they say. · Professionalism – All employees will act and look professional at all times. Business casual dress will be adhered to at all times without deviation.
Gift Giving or Receiving:
At no time will any employee or member of an employee’s family accept any gift valued more than $50.00 from any client, vendor, supplier, or business partner. Any gift given to any client, vendor, supplier, or business partners will be fist approved by the Ethics department. This request for approval will be made in

ABC COMPANY CODE OF ETHICS 4 writing using the proper form (form 33.56.99). All forms can be found on the Ethics department’s homepage at[->0]

Dress Code: All employees will adhere to the company dress code. The dress code is business casual. No deviation from this code will be tolerated. Violations of the dress code policy will be enforced by one (1) written warning on the first offense. The second offense will result in time off without pay. Length of time off will be limited to two (2) days. Additional offenses will result in termination of employment. Falsification of Documentation: There will always be mistakes made in the workplace; however it is the responsibility of each and every employee to never falsify any record. If you are not certain a mistake has been made, please contact your immediate supervisor for guidance.


Section III: Training Training is required for all new employees, as well as, existing employees. Training will be administered to new employees as part of the on-boarding process. This training will be conducted during the orientation process. This training will be held in a classroom setting and administered by an instructor certified by the Ethics department. Training times will vary. Current employees will receive updated training annually. These courses will be administered online through our continuing education website. You will be prompted, via email, when your course becomes available. These courses will include, but are not limited to, Ethics training, Workplace Safety, and updated Policies and Procedures. Failure to comply with the required training will result in a written warning. If the training is not completed after a written warning has been administered, the Employee will be terminated without notice.

Section IV: Monitoring and Auditing: Auditing: In order for this Code to have a positive effect on our Company, it must be adhered to on a daily basis. To ensure compliance, quarterly audits will be performed by each employee’s direct supervisor. All supervisors will be trained in the auditing process. These audits will include, but are not limited to, shadowing of the employees during regular working hours.
ABC COMPANY CODE OF ETHICS 6 Employees will be not be notified in advance of such audits, to ensure originality of the audit. The auditing process will take approximately four hours and will be scheduled at the supervisor’s discretion. Since scheduling conflicts will most certainly arise, rescheduling of any audits will be at the discretion of the direct supervisor. Monitoring: Employees will reflect the company’s values on a daily basis; however it is the responsibility of each employee to abide by such values. When infractions of such values are violated it is the responsibility of the employees to report them. There are several different ways of reporting violations.
· Violations can be reported directly to an employee’s direct supervisor.
· Violations can be phoned into the Company Ethics hotline at (999-999-999). All callers will be directed to the company’s chief ethics officer.
· Violations can be entered, via email at[->1]. A link for this site can be found on the company’s intranet homepage

Your reports, calls, and emails will be handled with strict confidentially. It is the responsibility of the company to handle all reports with anonymity.

ABC COMPANY CODE OF ETHICS 7 Section V: Continuous improvement
It is the responsibility of the Company to strive to continuously improve all policies and procedures set forth in this code. It is the responsibility of the Ethics department to review and keep all policies and procedures up to date. In order to accumulate feedback for review, the Ethics department will distribute random surveys throughout the company. These surveys will be distributed on an annual basis. These surveys will provide everyone an opportunity to suggest specific changes to the code, as well as, address any issues with the existing code. Suggestions are always welcomed and they can be submitted anytime by email @[->2]. Whenever changes are made to this document, employees will be notified via email. This document, in its entirety, will be available on the Company intranet site @

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