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Essay 2 – Trauma, Development, and Spirituality

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Explain in detail (using your readings/presentations from this module/week to support what you say) how trauma can affect development, most specifically neural development. Discuss how spiritual development can counter the effects of trauma. What are the determining factors that lead to developmental delays when a child is exposed to trauma? Give details on the prevalence of different types of trauma and if they differ among different cultures.
Make sure to support everything you report with at least 2–3 current APA citations and then a reference page at the end. Review the Essay Grading Rubric before submitting. Your paper must be at least 600 words.
Trauma is an experience that all people are potential vulnerable towards. Trauma comes in many forms ranging from non-typical situations of abuse and neglect to intense reaction to life events such as the death of a loved one or a natural disaster. Trauma may be experienced personally or may result from witnessing a particular event. The effects of trauma are long lasting, though not necessarily irreversible. Trauma may result in a variety of mental health or addiction diagnosis and often has significant impacts on neurological development. While trauma has many negative effects, there are many approaches to trauma that may minimize these effects. One such approach described in the paper is a spiritual approach. Spiritual development and application may provide understanding and hope after a person has experienced trauma and is often a successful means of recovering from the effects of a traumatic experience.


Kuban (2012) defines childhood trauma as any experience that a child perceives as terrifying and feels hopeless and powerless to do anything about in his or her life, safety, or situation” (p. 15). Trauma can include any number of events, including witnessing violence or…...

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