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“Espion” | L’effort est ma force(Effort is my force) | Written by: Jayne T. |

Scene 1
*Lights On*
*A man standing on stage*
*Man looks at his watch*

Narrator: My name is Ian Dominic. I am an international spy! I’ve been through countless of tough and adventurous missions!! Right now, I’m ready for another mission!
*beep sound* “Dii…diii... dii…*

Ian: *received a message from boss* Time to make a move! *Flung his jacket and put it on*
*Man passed by mirror and looks into it*

Ian: Who is this good- looking man in front of the mirror? Indeed, born to be handsome – one and only, Ian Dominic!!

*Man’s fingers searched through the wall and pressed a button*
*A door behind the mirror opens* “Rummm…..”
*Man enters into a room filled with different types of weapons and gadgets*

Ian: These are all my beloved and precious…Many were collected from different places and countries. *Looks at watch again* No time to lose! Time to go!

*Man grabs a bag pack, a gun and a pocket knife* *the gun is put under his waist and was hidden under his clothes* *Puts pocket knife in his socks*
*Man ready to go and passes by the mirror again* *Once again looks into it and gussy up*
*grabs car key and tossed it to the air* *Gets into his red, stylish Porsche and hums a song*

Ian: Woohoo!! Here we go!! *checks tablet and got a call from boss* Oh, a message from boss! *Answers call* what’s up, boss?

Boss: Ian, my best agent, I’ve got an ultimate mission for you! You have to do an investigation on the Silver Eye Corporation and I want you to get your hands on the largest diamond that is located in his safe. Get close to the daughter of Albert Steven Sparks so it may lead you to get more info.

Ian: Got it, Boss!

Boss: I will you send you the details later! Taataa, Ian. Good luck!

Ian: ughh… gross.. “taataa?” * Trying to imitate his boss*

*Ian exits scene*

Scene 2
*Ian enters into scene again*

Narrator: Ian found out there was a grand ball that this lady might be.

Ian: *looking at the lady’s profile* wow, what a beauty! *Slapped himself* oh please, for the sake of this mission, I have to be focused! Get yourself together, man!

*Man puts on his handsome tuxedo*

Ian: Oh my goodness gracious me!! There is she! She is even prettier in person! *Slapped himself and tries to act natural*

*A young lady standing beside a man, speaking to the guest* *Young lady wore a long red dress and suitable make up*

Guest: I can see that your daughter has grown into a beautiful young lady… with much potential and capability… indeed is the daughter of Albert Steven Sparks…

*Young lady smiles shyly*

Albert: *laughs* hohoho… You are flattering/over- complimenting, Mr. Sergei… My daughter and I has been “……….” *Silenced conversation but lip sync*

Annabelle: Gentlemen, may I excuse myself? *Walks away and bumps into Ian Dominic*

Annabelle, Ian: Ohh my!! *looks towards each other when collides*

Ian: *shy* Hmm...You must be Annabelle Jane Sparks. It’s so nice to meet you.

Annabelle: *with a strange look* Ermm…You are?

Narrator: In order not to reveal my identity, I have to think of a fake name…

*Ian looks around and suddenly thought of something*
Ian: Oh, my name is Oliver Fox, the second son of the Artemis Corporation. I heard you have….. *continues chit-chatting on and on*

*Ian looks away and smiled* *Face audience*
Ian: I don’t know, I kind of enjoy talking to her. No! No! No! Ian! You must not blow your cover! *Ian’s thoughts*

Scene 3
Narrator: After the grand ball, Ian puts on another disguise and went to the Silver Eye Corporation.

*Ian puts on another disguise – wore tights* (Pulling them because of discomfort)

Ian: My goodness, where does boss gets these ugly tights! It’s too small! Ughh!! *keeps pulling them*

*checks left and right if there are any guards*
*saw a guard passes by and used karate to faint the guard*

Ian: Nighty night, sir! *said sarcastically*

Narrator: With much caution, he secretly went into the office of the CEO.

*Reached the front door of CEO’s office* *Enters it*

Ian: There must be something in here. *Walks tip-toe* cautiously… silently and steadily…

*Holds a gadget with powerful detector and scans through the wall*
*Noticed a mirror on the desk and looks into it*

Ian: ooohhh… *calm but with a high pitch* Indeed, born to be handsome! Parfait! (Perfect in French) *continue searching*
*Suddenly gadget sounds* Diii… Diii….Diii…!!
*Ian touches the wall and felt something*

Ian: How brilliant! Found it! *Tears open a part of the wallpaper*

*Noticed a safe in the wall*
*Trying to decrypt the code of the safe*

Ian: *searched the safe and discovered a huge diamond on top of a document file* AHA! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! That simple! *took the diamond and starred at the document* hmm? What’s this?

*Opens the document file and reads through*
*A picture fell out of the document* (Picture of the twins)
*picks up picture*

Ian: Michael and Albert Steven Sparks*suddenly gave a terrified expression* *Screamed with a screech voice* Waaaaa…whaaattttt?!!!!! How can this be?!

*Crumpled his hand into a fist and got up* *someone was trying to break open the door* Bang!!!
*A loud gunshot* *Ian was shot and injured*

Ian: Ouchh!! Ahhhhh!!!! I have to go!! Someone is coming!!! *Escapes through the window as fast as possible*

*Albert Steven Sparks (Fake) walks in and saw his safe was opened* *Shouted in a loud tone*

Albert: Whoooo did this??!!!!! Find out who he is!!! Now!! *ordering guards*

*Voice echoes*
*Lights out*
Scene 4
*Still on the run* *Ian is chased by a huge gang of soldiers and bodyguards*

Narrator: Ian had nowhere to escape and he ran to the nearest place to hide. He stopped at one of the houses and knocked with all his might. That instance after the door opens, he blacked out.

Ian: *opens his eyes and slowly gets up* Ahh… where am I?

*Familiar lady sat beside Ian*

Annabelle: its ok, you are safe now. Here, have some water. *Hands over water*

Ian: Oh my!! It’s you Miss Annabelle?! How long have I stayed unconscious?

Annabelle: Yes, it’s me, Oliver. You’ve been unconscious for 13 hours.

Ian: Oh no, I can stay no longer! Time is running out! I have to go!

Annabelle: *grabs Ian by the hand* you have to rest, Oliver. You are injured badly…

Ian: I’m sorry… I have to go… I cannot drag you into this! *walks away*

Annabelle: but wait…

Narrator: Ian was very confused and puzzled. He did not know what else to do. He did not want Annabelle to get involved in any of this because he found out that he fell in love with her.

Scene 5
Narrator: A week later, Ian Dominic went to the Eagle Hospital to find out what really is going on. He knew there was a person who witnessed the incident that happened.

Ian: Boss, I’m here at the Eagle Hospital and I’m collecting more info! *speaks through the phone*

Boss: Good job. Be prepared! She might be running away. Keep focused!

Ian: Roger that, boss! *Ends conversation with boss*

*Enters building*

Ian: *Ask the nurse at the counter* Erm… excuse me? Is there anyone by the name of Slyvia James? I think she might be one the workers here.

Nurse: oh, you mean Dr. James? I think she might be busy at the moment because she’s having an appointment with a patient. Please wait for a few moments.

*A lady standing behind a pole trembled with fear*
*Ian looked around and made eye contact with Dr. James*
*Dr. James was afraid and trying to run away*
*In the end, she couldn’t escape and was caught by Ian to question her*
Ian: You must be Sylvia James. I’m sure you knew about Albert Steven Sparks.

Dr. James: *Stunt* *Eyes went big* I… I don’t know what you are talking about!

Ian: *convincing her* you knew it all along. You took Albert Sparks’, uh, no, I mean Michael Steven Sparks offer. I see?

Dr. James: *confused* I… I… I swore I would keep my mouth shut for the rest of my life!

Ian: Please tell me about it! If you tell me the truth, the culprit will surely be caught!!

Dr. James: I don’t wanna go to prison… I don’t want! Ahhhhh!!! *screamed loudly*

Ian: Please… A person’s life is at stake!! You have to tell me the truth!
Scene 6
*(Left side of stage) Conversation between Ian and Dr.James* *(Right side of stage) Flashback to where the incident takes place – Michael Steven Sparks murders his brother*
*Incident takes place in the Eagle Hospital ward number 8*

Narrator: Dr. Sylvia James couldn’t get over her guilt, and in the end she poured everything out to Ian Dominic. All along, Michael Steven Sparks (Evil Twin) had been very jealous of Albert Steven Sparks. Albert had everything. He had fame, power, money and love. He owns a huge diamond company and had a happy family. He wants all of it! He wants to take over everything!! They were once best brothers, like best friends…

Dr. James: One day, Albert Steven Sparks (Real) fell sick and was lying in bed. I was in charge of this patient. Each day, Michael Steven Sparks would come to visit him. I thought to myself, how blessed is Albert to have such a great brother who is always being there to look after him.

Ian: *nods his head and continues to listen*

Dr. James: Though I see how well they were together, but I noticed that day by day, Albert was getting weaker and weaker.

Ian: Was Michael behind all of these? Did the daughter know about this?

Dr. James: Albert didn’t want her daughter to be worried; so he told him that he was just going on a vacation for a few months. But one day, as I was passing by the ward, I saw Michael secretly injected…some kind of fluid or vaccine into his blood. I was terrified! He saw me…I told me not to tell anyone if not he will kill me! And then the next day, Albert Steven Sparks died due to a chronic disease.

Ian: Whaaat??!! How evil and heartless is he!!!

Dr. James: He threatened me to fake his death, telling that it was Michael Steven Sparks that had died. I was the one who did the paperwork… I had been keeping this secret for years! I was afraid that the ghost of Albert Steven Sparks would come and haunt me!!

Ian: So are you saying that Annabelle was not his own flesh and blood?! Ohmy…how could this happen… what if she knows the truth of her father…*slowly backs out and held his fist*

Dr. James: He gave me a huge sum of money to keep my mouth shut for the rest of my life. And now, because I couldn’t betray my conscience and guilt… I hope you will be able to protect the one you love. Go forth!

Ian: *sighs* I will! Thank you, Dr. James! I will surely capture this cruel and inhuman person and let him suffer!!

*Lights out* *Exits stage*
Scene 7
Narrator: After learning the truth behind the murder incident of Albert Steven Sparks, Ian Dominic told his boss about everything. With so many bodyguards and soldiers surrounding Michael Steven Sparks they had planned a secret ambush on him after they found out his whereabouts.

*Lights on*
*Ian appears on stage again*

Ian: Yes boss! I’m ready! *Enters into building* *in another disguise* Ugh… again with this small size tights! *Keeps pulling and pulling*

*Walks in silently and faint the guards*
*Found Michael in his own office* *saw Annabelle tied to a chair with a bind tape stick to her mouth*

Ian: I finally found you! So all along it was you! I really felt sorry for Annabelle and her father! *pointing gun towards Michael*

Michael: hahahaha…That Albert… my dear, dear brother… In the end, he died innocently without knowing a thing!! HAHAHAHAH!!! *Laugh crazily and went insane*

Ian: How could you?!!

*Annabelle busted into tears after hearing it*

Michael: Give me the diamond now or this will be your last chance seeing her!!! *Points the gun to her head*

Ian: Fine!!! Take your diamond and let her go!!!! *Slowly takes out diamond and then quickly throw to somewhere*

Michael: My diamond!! *shouted and ran towards it*

*Ian quickly used karate to faint him* *Unties rope of Annabelle*

Ian: Thank God you’re safe!! I thought I’d lose you! *Hugged each other*

*Michael was not fully unconscious and was going to shoot Annabelle*
*Ian saw and his body acted on his own*
BANGG!!!! BANNGGGG!! *flashing spotlights on and off*
*Ian was shot and then blacked out*
*Lights out*

Scene 8
*Lights on*
(At the Eagle Hospital ward number 748)
*Stage lights shown on Ian (on the hospital bed) and Annabelle (slept beside Ian)* *(Left side of stage) hospital bed: Ian’s (another person wearing a mask) body lying on bed, (Right side of stage) Ian’s soul wanders (attire: Patient robe with a halo of his head, signifying his soul left his body)

Narrator: Where am I? Am I dead? Am I in heaven? *looks around* (Ian’s soul wanders around)

*Separate stage lights, one on Ian’s soul and the other on Annabelle*

Annabelle: *Ian saw Annabelle resting beside “him”* *Shaking his hand* Wake up... Please don’t die…*sobs*

Ian (soul): I’m here!! Don’t worry! *trying to touch Annabelle’s shoulder but his hand slip through* Waaaa? *looks at his own hand*

Annabelle: *continues sobbing* *talks to herself* should I kiss him? Just like in the fairy tales - Snow white, sleeping beauty?!!! Hope it WORKS!! *Annabelle pouts* *preparing to kiss him*

Meanwhile… the soul saw it and was excited!!! *Electrocardiogram began to sound – overreacts* Dii!!!!!Diiii!!!!! Diiii!!!!!! *Annabelle was astonished* *Suddenly Electrocardiogram sound fades to nothing* Diii………………………………………

Annabelle: *Annabelle rushed to call the doctor* Doctor!!!! Doctor!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!

*Annabelle exits stage* *Lights off* *sound effect – Heartbeat (A second a beat)*
*Lights on!*
*Doctor and Annabelle stood beside Ian* *Ian’s soul came back*

Ian: *Wakes up* *Faced Annabelle and asked* you… youuuu… kkkk….kissseeddd me?!!!

Annabelle: *stuttered words* I….I …. was ju…jusss…just…*shy* red face*

Doctor: uhhummmmmm!!!..... * Both shyly looked away* Excuse me, how do you feel? (Ian’s situation)

Ian: FANTASTIC!! *quickly responded and touched his face while saying*

Doctor: okayyyy….MR. IAN DOMINIC, I’m not talking about the KISSSSSSS!!!!

Annabelle: *Shocked* Ian Dominic?

Ian: hehehheeh…. It’s me…*Pointing fingers to fingers* It’s my real name >.<

Ian: *Ian puts finger on Annabelle’s lips* Shh… it’s a secret!!

*Annabelle’s expression was angry and frustrated* *Held her fist*
*Lights out instantly*
*Loud slap sound* Pakkkk!!!! (Annabelle slaps Ian in the face)



Narrator: After all that happened, the evil twin brother, Michael Steven Sparks was sentenced to death due to the murder of Albert Steven Sparks and for other illegal charges. As for, Sylvia James, the doctor who witnessed the incident, went missing and could no long be found. * END -…...

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Jack Ma

...The Alibaba Group was established in 1999 by Jack Ma and had become a global e-business leader and the largest e-business group in China. Alibaba Group had reached the Internet users in more than 240 regions, and employed 17,000 people in more than 50 cities in Greater China, Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States. They provided efficient and convenient business-to-business (B2B) online service for small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs), while it had grown to include 5 subsidiary companies of different businesses: online global leading B2B trading platform (, China’s largest online commercial centre (Taobao), third-party online payment services (Alipay), one of China's leading Internet portals (China Yahoo!), and developer of advanced datacentric computing services (Alibaba Cloud Computing). Jack Ma and His Team Introduction This article discussed the Jack ma and his team. In Alibaba, according to the staff’s behaviour, managers use different motivational methods to inspire employees work harder. The motivational theory comes to life in this organization. In order to increase collective performance, Alibaba use internet and computer technology to create virtual work team. There are many factors that will affect work team’s performance. The dream team from the world's elite team is the cornerstone of the building Alibaba,the perfect combination of strong team, firm objective of faith, make this to go 102 years of enterprises to realize his......

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Mas Presentation balance will affect cash flow • Operating Activities – changes in current assets and current liabilities • Investing Activities – changes in non current assets and other income • Financing Activities – changes in equity and liabilities BALANCE SHEET ANALYSIS There was no long term borrowings in year 2003 until 2006 because of most probably government take over it. CASH FLOW ANALYSIS OPERATIONAL ISSUES & SOLUTIONS SOLUTIONS ISSUES The product marketing and • yield management division of MAS emphasized selling their product to maximum the quotas, rather than improve the profit • MAS may reset a competitive cost position to reach its target cost structure MAS may generate external and internal sources of fund to increase the cash flow. OPERATIONAL AND MANAGEMENT ISSUES & SOLUTIONS ISSUES • Government intervention SOLUTIONS Government should allow MAS to fly routes which make any commercial effect to MAS and cut the unprofitable routes. MANAGERIAL ISSUES & SOLUTIONS SOLUTIONS ISSUES • Poor crisis management skill – wrongly decision making • Properly analyse fuel price before make hedging agreement • Hire the expert to run the business FINANCIAL ISSUES & SOLUTIONS SOLUTIONS ISSUES Financial Crisis • Intervene of Government occurred • Fuel price hedging Escalating Fuel Price • Launching Route Inefficient Network Profitability Project &......

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...1 How are forces described ? In sciece the word push or a pull when one object pushes or pulls another object the first object exerts a force on the second object you exert a force on a computer key when you push it you exert a force on a chair when you pull it away from a table like velocity and acceleration a force is described by its strength and by the direction in which it acts pushing to the left is a different force from pushing to the right the direction and strength of the force can be represented by an arrow the arrow points in the direction of the force as shown in figure 1 length of the arrow tells you strength of the force the longer the arrow the greater the force the strength of a force is measured in the si unit called newton after sir isac newton How do forces affect newton often more than one force acts on an object at the same time the combination of all forces on an object is called net force the net force determines if and how an object accelerates you can find the net force by finding the sum of all the strengths of individual forces acting on the object look at figure 2a the big dog pushes on the box with a force of 16n to the tight the small with a force of 10 n to the right the net force on the box is the sum of these forces the box will accelerate to the right in the situation there is a non zero net force a non zero netforce causes a change in the objects motion What if the forces on an......

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...Force Diatra Farasha In physics, a force is any influence that causes an object to undergo a certain change, either concerning its movement, direction, or geometrical construction. It is measured with the SI unit of newtons and represented by the symbol F. In other words, a force is that which can cause an object with mass to change its velocity (which includes to begin moving from a state of rest), i.e., to accelerate, or which can cause a flexible object to deform. Force can also be described by intuitive concepts such as a push or pull. A force has both magnitude and direction, making it a vector quantity. The original form of Newton's second law states that the net force acting upon an object is equal to the rate at which its momentum changes. This law is further given to mean that the acceleration of an object is directly proportional to the net force acting on the object, is in the direction of the net force, and is inversely proportional the mass of the object. As a formula, this is expressed as: Related concepts to force include: thrust, which increases the velocity of an object; drag, which decreases the velocity of an object; and torque which produces changes in rotational speed of an object. Forces which do not act uniformly on all parts of a body will also cause mechanical stresses, a technical term for influences which cause deformation of matter. While mechanical stress can remain embedded in a solid object, gradually deforming it, mechanical stress in a......

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