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User Guide Global Admission Test (for non-European)
Online Application

Please read all the information below carefully before starting to fill-out your online application



This document will explain how to complete your application and give you all the necessary information concerning the study campuses you may choose and the additional degrees you may apply for during your
Master 1 Year.
In addition to filling out the online application here is the list of documents you will need to upload to complete your application:
Mandatory documents:

Passport or ID Card
Curriculum Vitae (Resume)
Official transcripts of records (stamped by your previous university) of all years of higher education detailing all courses completed so far
GMAT, GRE, CAT or TAGE-MAGE Test score
English Standardised Language Test score: TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge Exam.
Cover letter

Optional documents:

Bachelor Degree if you hold it already
Recommendation letters




The information below is not contractual and may be subject to change
In line with our slogan “European Identity, Global Perspective”, ESCP Europe offers a multitude of study locations during the two-year Master programme (Master Year 1 “M1” and Master Year 2 “M2”). Students can study in up to three different locations either on ESCP Europe’s own European campuses (available throughout the programme) or at one of our international partner institutions around the world (during the Master 2 year).
In order to comply with the programme obligations, you need to consider the following rules when choosing where you want to study:
- You must study at a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 different locations
- You can only study for a maximum of 2 semesters at the same campus / location
- In Master 2 Year, potential exchanges with partner institutions have a duration of 1 semester. In the case of a double degree, the duration is 2 semesters (entire Master 2 Year “M2”)
- To be eligible for a double degree with an international partner in your second year, you need to have studied at 2 different ESCP Europe campuses in your first year
- Specific rules apply in order to obtain additional ESCP Europe degrees (see below)
- You must complete a minimum of 40 weeks of professional experience (eg: internships) in at least 2 different countries

• Berlin - English track
• London - English track
• Madrid - English track or Spanish track
• Paris - English track or French track
• Turin - English track
Important: Concerning the 1st semester of the Master 1 year (fall semester), the Berlin, London, and
Madrid campuses are only available for students who have already validated all 9 pre-requisite courses
(see above). Students who do not fulfill this requirement must study during their first semester of the M1 year either at the Paris campus (in English or in French language) or at the Turin campus (English language).
The M1 year’s second semester (spring semester) can be studied at any of the campuses (within the limit of available places at each campus).

• Berlin - German track
• London - English track
• Madrid - English track or English and Spanish track (depending on the specialisation chosen)
• Paris - English track or French track


In addition to the city and country, you should also take into account the specialisations offered at the different campuses during the M2 year. Be aware that the Paris campus offers the most specialisations. A more limited number of specialisation options are offered on the other campuses. These rules should not bring you to the conclusion to avoid Paris in your first year in order to be there during your second year.
There are some very specific subjects in which to specialise during the second year in London, Berlin, and
Madrid, as they have attained specific expertise over the years. For example, in London you can specialise in “Marketing and Creativity”, in Berlin in “International Business”, and in Madrid in “Societal
In addition to these specialisations, each campus offers a variety of elective courses during the first and second semester of the Master 2 Year, i.e. more seats are available on the respective campuses in addition to those indicated concerning the various specialisations.
For informational purposes, you can see the list of specialisations offered on each of our campuses. All specialisations take 120h if not otherwise indicated. The offer may change from one year to another. If a specialisation reaches capacity, students will be selected according to their grades, motivation, and previous internships in the area.


If you decide to do a double degree or exchange programme during your second year, you should be aware that there are only a very limited number of seats available at each partner university. First choice is given to students who obtained the best grades at ESCP Europe. You can only go to one partner institution. An exchange programme lasts 1 semester, a double degree 2 semesters. Please note that, in order to be eligible for a double degree during your entire second year, you must have studied on two different ESCP
Europe campuses during your Master 1 year. For a detailed list of partner institutions please see our website. o Double degrees M2 year | ~ 90 seats o Exchange programmes Fall | ~ 200 seats o Exchange programmes Spring | ~ 300 seats
ESCP Europe Grande Ecole degree and additional ESCP Europe degrees:
All students graduating from the Master in Management programme will obtain the ESCP Europe Master
Grande Ecole degree officially accredited by the French State. Specific rules apply in order to obtain one or several additional ESCP Europe degree(s).

• A minimum of 1 and maximum of 2 semesters must be studied at the London campus. Students cannot participate in a double degree or exchange programme at an international partner institution if they aim for the UK MSc.
• 2 year / 2 campus format: Students spend their M1 year at the London campus and their M2 year either in Berlin or Paris.
• 2 year / 3 campus format: Students spend at least one semester at the London campus. The remaining two or three semesters can be spent at any of the other campuses: Berlin, Madrid, Paris or Turin (with a maximum of 3 different campuses during the 2 year programme).
• Please note: In order to obtain the UK MSc, students must study in a minimum of two local languages during their studies in the two year programme with a minimum of one semester in English language and one entire semester in a second language. Be careful since not all semesters are offered in the local campus language.

• A minimum of 1 and maximum of 2 semesters must be studied at the Berlin campus. Students cannot participate in a double degree or exchange programme at an international partner institution if they aim for the German Master of Science.
• 2 year / 2 campus format: Students spend one year in Berlin (M1 or M2) and one year either in Paris (M1 or M2), London (M1), or Madrid (M1).
• 2 year / 3 campus format: At least one semester must be spent at the Berlin campus (M1 or M2). The other semesters can either be spent in Paris, London or Madrid (with a maximum of 3 different campuses during the 2 year programme).
• Students aiming for the German MSc must do 2 specialisations of 120h each during the M2 year.
• Please note: Courses at the Berlin campus are offered in English in M1 and in German in M2. However, no obligation exists to follow courses in the local campus language; all courses can be followed in English.

• A minimum of 1 and maximum of 2 semesters must be studied at the Madrid campus. Students can do an exchange programme for one semester at one of our international partner institutions. They cannot participate in a double degree if they aim for the Spanish degree.
• 2 year / 2 country format: Students spend their M1 year at the Madrid campus and their M2 year either at the Berlin or at the Paris campus.
• 2 year / 3 country format: Students spend their entire M1 year at the Madrid campus. Further semesters can be spent in Berlin, London and Paris or at an international partner institution (M2).
• Please note: Candidates with previous studies in Spain need to hold the licenciatura, grado or an engineering degree.
• No obligation exists concerning local campus language; all courses can be followed in English.

• Grande Ecole Degree + German Degree:
M1: Paris (in English or French) | M2: Berlin (in German)
• Grande Ecole Degree + Spanish Degree:
M1: Madrid (in English or Spanish) | M2: Paris (in English or French)
M1: Madrid (in English) | M2 (fall semester): International partner (in English) | M2 (spring semester): London (in English)
• Grande Ecole Degree + UK Degree:
M1: London (in English) | M2: Paris (in French)
• Grande Ecole Degree + Degree of international partner university:
M1 (fall semester): Paris (in English) | M1 (spring semester): Madrid (in Spanish) | M2: Double degree at an international partner (in English)

• Grande Ecole Degree + Spanish Degree + German degree:
M1: Madrid (in English or Spanish) | M2 (fall semester): Berlin (in German) | M2 (spring semester):
Paris (in French or English)
M1: Madrid (in English or Spanish) | M2 (fall semester): Paris (in French or English) | M2 (spring semester): Berlin (in German)
• Grande Ecole Degree + UK Degree + German Degree:
M1: London (in English) | M2: Berlin (in German)
M1 (fall semester): Paris (in French) | M1 (spring semester): London (in English) | M2: Berlin (in
• Grande Ecole Degree + UK Degree + German Degree + Spanish Degree:
M1: Madrid (in Spanish) | M2 (fall semester): Berlin (in German) | M2 (spring semester) London (in




To start, please switch the language to English and click on “OK”.
For each page:
Click on the button to fill out the form.
Click on “Next” to go on the next page.
Submit with the button or cancel with the button. The information bubbles give you more precisions.


Adding your picture:
To add a picture, click on "Add", upload a ".jpeg" file and then click on "Upload".

Adding a nationality:
Click on one country to add it. You can search for it in the "Description" box. Delete one with the button. 8



Please indicate the courses you have already completed or will complete before entering the MiM
Programme. This will enable us to check your eligibility for campus access and / or additional degree(s).
If you have not already validated all 9 pre-requisite courses listed below, you will have to spend Semester 1 at either the Paris campus (in English or French) or at the Turin campus (in English) in order to attend the catch-up semester. You will be able to study at the campus of your choice for Semester 2.
Please note that the catch-up semester has a supplemental cost of between €1000 and €1940, and that it starts in mid-August (the exact dates will be confirmed to you as soon as possible). The total cost depends on the number of courses you are required to take.
If you have already validated all 9 pre-requisite courses during your previous studies, you will be free to start the Master in Management Programme at the campus of your choice in mid-September.
Your courses will be validated by the MIM Programme Direction and we will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm the campus(es) of studies you have chosen.




You are asked to choose the language of your interview, as well as your Master 1 Year campus(es) of studies for both Semester 1 and Semester 2.












Please prepare a text on each of the following item: International experience, work experience and extracurricular activity. It will consulted by the interview jury members.






On the final page, before submitting your application, you can download your application summary by clicking on the button. Please check your summary document and make sure all the information is true and accurate. If not, you can still update your data at this step.



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