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Erp Security Management

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Anthony Wataka
Accounting Information Systems
Information Security Management within ERP Systems Research Paper

This paper will discuss research on Information Security Management (ISM) within Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems since information security continues to be a hot topic in the business world. The major focus of the paper will be threefold: an analysis of the ERP systems in the present day, a relation of these systems to the accounting and auditing world, and finally, the future of the technology, given its vast impact in the business world.
Notable ERP Systems Research
Key research pertinent to this paper includes the works of Grabski et al. (2011) who discuss various issues relating to the security environment, as regards the ERP systems. They talk about the risk associated with ERP systems implementation and define it as a “problem that has not occurred but has the potential to cause loss” (Grabski et al. 2011, p. 55). They mention that there is a need for ERP audit techniques, such as embedded audit modules, to control security risks (2011, p.55). This paper will utilize their research work to analyze auditing in an ERP environment by examining security risks and internal controls after ERP implementation.

Additionally, Hunton et al. (2004) try to address the issue of risk associated with ERP systems, in the context of auditing (p.1-23). Hunton et al. (2004) analyze how financial auditors compare ERP systems related risks to non-ERP systems risks (p.1). They also address the issue of the likelihood of financial auditors to consult IT auditors to help them assess ERP systems risks (Hunton et al., 2004, p. 1). With that in mind, they suggest that financial auditors may fail to recognize certain security related ERP systems security risks, compared to IT auditors (p. 1). This paper will briefly look at how enterprises…...

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