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Environmental PE

Identify areas of environmental concerns.

Rest areas - ensure that the rest areas are policed up properly to include trash, cigarette butts, and human waste if facilities are not present at designated rest stops.

Water pollution - ensure HW is not introduced into aforementioned wetlands, winding streams, or Yukon River.

Policing and proper disposal of all operational trash and pyrotechnic dunnage. Survey areas for UXO.

Ensure proper preventive environmental posture IAW federal, state, local, & international laws concerning vehicle maintenance and refueling. Ensure all mess, and field sanitation HW is properly secured and disposed of IAW all applicable regulations.

Identify mission related environmental risks.

The mission related risks for this operation include:

Fuel and refueling leaks Vehicle fluid leaks Soldier’s garbage Human waste Mess waste Sanitary waste UXOs Operational waste (pyro, boxes, papers)

Identify potential effects of environmental factors on missions and operations

Environmental factors that may affect the mission include:

Weather. Reported to not be a concern, but weather can take unexpected turns Wetlands. Soft water laden soil can be hazardous to heavy vehicles and machinery due to sinking soil which can swallow people and vehicles or cause damage and vehicle wrecks. Rivers and streams. Always dangerous, can lose vehicles and lives to rivers and streams if soil gives way or if driver accidentally drives into the river. Night and limited visibility. Long hours in difficult or dangerous terrain poses a threat to life, limb, equipment, and the environment. Accidents can occur, and should a vehicle or any part of the vehicle become part of the environment due to an accident, there is a great potential for environmental damage due to…...

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