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Emerald Events Have Divided Our Processes Up Into Two Categories

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Business Operations

Emerald Events have divided our processes up into two categories. Firstly, we have created an online presence for both ourselves and for our potential market. Firstly, we have created a private Facebook group where each of the partners have the opportunity to contact everybody simultaneously, which is beneficial because it is open to be seen at any time and it reduces the time of contacting each person individually. The communication on this page is generally focussed around ideas, meetings and suggestions.
Furthermore, our online presence has been the focus of our market. We have created a page where Facebook users can search and ‘like’ in order to be kept in-the-know about Emerald Events and all of its plans. As our market grows year-on-year when new students enrol at the university, we plan to ensure that they are completely aware of Emerald Events and services we provide, so once they arrive at university, they will already know people on their course and will be in the know of the events that they should attend. Facebook is a great marketing tool to establish the meaning of our business.
From an alternative point of view, our secondary process is our face-to-face presence. We want to become recognised among the students so that they feel they always have somebody there to speak to and to be with. We want our customers to know that as well as being a business, we want to be The Henley Business School social reps and that we want them to know that we ‘are not only about business, because our business is you.’ With this in mind they can approach us for advice, for a friend, for information and any questions they may want answering.
For each of the events, they will require tickets which for now, we will sell in advance with an upfront payment scheme. However, for the future, our online presence will expand to a professional level…...

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