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Chapter 5 Definitions

1. Ethernet LANs: The term Local Area Network LAN generally defines a private network covering a single location, like a building. Ethernet is the most common network standard in implementation. It is a set of protocols that defines the physical connections of the network.

2. 802.3 standard: 802.3 is a standard specification for Ethernet a system of physical communications in a local area network LAN which is maintained by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE.

3. Fast Ethernet: Fast Ethernet is a local area network LAN transmission standard that provides a data rate of 100 megabits per second , referred to as 100BASE-T.

4. Gigabit Ethernet: Gigabit Ethernet is a transmission technology based on the Ethernet frame format and protocol used in local area networks this provides a data rate of 1 billion bits per second one gigabit. Gigabit Ethernet is defined in the IEEE 802.3 standard.

5. Autonegotiation: Auto negotiation is an Ethernet procedure that permits devices to exchange information about their network use and protocols. They allow devices to perform automatic configuration to achieve the best modes of operations over links and provide automatic speed matching to allow devices to operate optimally with each other.

6. Ethernet frame: An Ethernet frame is a way of arranging data for transfer over a computer network. The frame is the one of the key elements of the Ethernet system one of the most popular types of local network. It is made up of three elements, a pair of addresses, the data itself, and an error checking field.

7. MAC address: A MAC or Media Access Control address is a unique numeric code that is permanently assigned to each unit of most types of networking hardware, such as network interface cards by the manufacturer when they were produced. The purpose of MAC addresses is to provide a unique hardware address or physical address for every node on a local area network LAN or other network.

8. MAC address table: A MAC address table is a table which lists which MAC address is connected to which port. The switch gets this information from previous transmissions done by the computers that communicate between themselves.…...

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