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Individuals’ varying backgrounds result in different sets of ethics. Without this uniqueness, the world would be very plain. Ethics help guide people to make the decisions they believe are just. There are many situations every day that cause people to decide their right and wrong.
In scenario one, one of your friends asks about what questions were on the exam you recently took. Several students, however, do not believe that asking about the material and questions on the exam is a form of cheating. By giving out this information, it is cheating. It is important to look at the ICARE Guideline Process to evaluate this situation. The issue in this scenario is whether or not to tell your friend about the types of questions on the exam. This scenario challenges your integrity, honesty, and professionalism. The second step is considering the facts. By sharing the information on the test you are hurting yourself and others. The consequences of cheating can have lasting impacts. Sadly, not everyone gets caught cheating. But in the long run, these negative choices will come back to bite. It may be a professional exam or final exam in which the student will eventually pay the price. The third step is assessing the alternatives. One option is to ask the friend what questions they are struggling with and help them. You could recommend the student meet with the professor or teaching assistant about concepts they do not understand. Another recommendation would to have the student revisit class materials and handouts. The fourth step is reviewing the available resources and making a decision. By helping the student find other options you are not only bettering yourself, by perhaps teaching the material, but also helping your friend conceptually grasp the material. Therefore, there is no need to deal with the consequences of cheating. In the long run your actions will make both…...

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