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1. We worked well as a team because we had a conflict but we resolved it really quick and no one got unhappy with the decision made, after this we had no other conflicts. Also because we all did our part to ensure that the activity we created went well and we all walked around each of the groups to make sure we had control over the class. I was the leader for preparing the activity, I had to make sure that all the teams had the equipment they needed to carry out the activity. I think I was a good leader because I got the other team members to do their jobs that I had assigned to them. I think we could have explained the activity better because we put it into a presentation and read it out but it did not explain all the rules. Also we should have asked them if they had any queries about the activity.

2. I took responsibility as a team leader because I built common purpose and I had integrity. I did this because I had consistent decision making within the team and made them quickly. Also because I managed the whole team, giving them tasks to do for the activity. I was fair to all the team members I gave them all a job and made sure that none of them did more than others.

We had good communication because we all talked to each to find out who won the activity; we also had good communication with the students. We used non-verbal communication because we created a presentation to show the students what to do for their activity, but we also used verbal because we talked to them and explained the activity and what to do.

I was involved in the planning of the activity because I was the leader of our team for this part. We used team building by picking the teams for the activity, we did this so that the individuals would be able to build a team from scratch and all come out with ideas. I did not set objectives as I did not think it was necessary but we all had…...

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...  This paper consists of six (6) questions of unequal value.  All questions are to be answered  Answers are to be written in ink.  This is a CLOSED BOOK EXAM. Candidates may bring RULERS, PENS, PENCILS AND OTHER WRITING MATERIALS.  CANDIDATES MAY BRING THEIR OWN CALCULATORS.   1 Question 1 (20 marks) B 6 A 3 G 2 C 2 D 10 H 5 E 4 F 5 (b) (5 marks)     (c) The minimal project depends on the critical path/longest path, not the total of all activity times The total time is incorrect as some activities can be performed simultaneously. See the table below – the longest path is ABGH and thus the minimum duration is 16 days Activity ABGH ACGH DH EFH Cost Cum. cost Original 16 12 15 14 Crash G 15 11 15 14 200 200 Crash H 14 10 14 13 500 700 Crash H Crash B/D 13 9 13 12 500 1200 12 9 12 12 500+300 2000 The offer is acceptable as the crash cost is $2000 so the company can still make money.   2 Q2 Budgeting (23 marks) (a) (i) and (ii) Production budget      Sales    Add:  Desired end inventory  Total requirement    Less:  Being inventory    Planned production      Direct material  budget      Planned production  DM per unit  DM required  Desired end DM  Total requirement  Less begin DM  Required  Cost per unit  Planned purchase                Jan  2000      600  2600    ...

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...UID -g 修改用户归属群组 -G 修改用户归属附加群组 -L 锁定帐户 -U 解除锁定 -e 设定用户账号过期时间 -f 设定密码过期后多长时间关闭账号 -c 修改用户备注 useradd 新建用户 -d 设定$HOME 目录 -m 自动建立$HOME 目录 -M 不自动建立$HOME 目录 -s 修改用户登录 Shell -l 修改为新用户名 -u 修改用户 UID -g 修改用户归属群组 -G 修改用户归属附加群组 -n 不建立以用户名为名称的群组 -e 设定用户账号过期时间 -f 设定密码过期后多长时间关闭账号 -c 修改用户备注 -D [表达式] 更改预设值 (预设值保存于 /etc/default/useradd 文件中) 新建用户规则保存于 /etc/login.defs 文件中 新建用户默认文件保存于 /etc/skel/ 目录中。新建用户时,系统自动拷贝此目录下的文件至 新建用户的 $HOME 目录 userdel 删除用户 -r 删除用户相关文件和目录 id [用户名] 显示用户 UID GID 归属附加群组 finger [用户名] 显示用户信息 进程管理 一些细节 进程一般分为交互进程、批处理进程和守护进程三类。 守护进程总是活跃,在系统启动时通过脚本自动启动,或由 root 启动,通常在后台运行。 一个进程可以拥有子进程。当父进程终止时,它的子进程也随之终止;而子进程终止时,父 进程通常可以继续运行。 init 进程为根进程,所有进程都是它的子进程 ps 显示进程信息,参数可省略 aux 以 BSD 风格显示进程 常用 -efH 以 System V 风格显示进程 -e , -A 显示所有进程 a 显示终端上所有用户的进程 x 显示无终端进程 u 显示详细信息 f 树状显示 w 完整显示信息 l 显示长列表 示例: ps alx 另一种常用输出格式 ps aux | less 将输出通过管道,使用 less 查看 ps aux | grep 通过关键字查找进程 输出字段 USER PID PPID %CPU %MEM NI VSZ RSS TTY STAT D R S T Z W X 进程所有者 进程 ID 父进程 CPU 占用率 内存占用率 进程优先级。数值越大,占用 CPU 时间越少 进程虚拟大小 页面文件占用 终端 ID 进程状态 不可中断 Uninterruptible sleep (usually IO) 正在运行,或在队列中的进程 处于休眠状态 停止或被追踪 僵尸进程 进入内存交换(从内核 2.6 开始无效) 死掉的进程 < N L s + l pstree 高优先级 低优先级 有些页被锁进内存 包含子进程 位于后台的进程组; 多线程,克隆线程 multi-threaded (using CLONE_THREAD, like NPTL pthreads do) 树状显示进程信息 -a 显示完整命令及参数 -c 重复进程分别显示 -c 显示进程 ID PID -n 按 PID 排列进程 pgrep 显示进程的 PID -l 显示进程名和进程 PID -o 进程起始 ID -n 进程终止......

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