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Effects of Nndqi and Hhcaps on the Health Care Industry

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Effects of HCAHPS and NDNQI on the Health Care Industry


HCAHPS and NDNQI were examined to be familiarized about how these quality initiative surveys were structured including goals, methods, how they used their results and how they are impacting healthcare organizations specifically hospitals and nurses. Also the author personally reflects on HCAHPS and NDNQI.
Keywords: HCAPS, NDNQI, quality initiative, survey,


Rising health care costs and limited health care resources has produced a need of utilization of data. Moreover data management and monitoring is essential in order to ensure that implementations are being made to change and improve nursing practice and patient care and outcomes. One specific way that this was employed was when the health care system was transformed from a system that was based on the number of admissions to the quality of care (Sewell & Thede, 2013). This was made more evident in 2007, when the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid, (CMS) mandated required participation in improvement initiatives in order for hospitals to receive full reimbursements for patient care (Sewell et al. 2013). These mandated programs that determine quality and the achievement of best outcomes for healthcare organizations are Health Consumer Assessment of Health Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) and the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI). The initiation and utilization of these tools has encompassed an environment where quality improvement is a goal to improve patient care.
HCAHPS was created by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (Sewell et al. 2013). HCAHPS a standardized patient survey tool used as a quality program. This is not to be mistaken as a satisfactory tool. The surveys measure the…...

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