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Effects of Being a Student with Extra Curricular Activities

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CHAPTER 1 A. Introduction Based on the Colegio de Sta. Rosa Makati Student Handbook Special Edition S.Y. 2012-2013, co-curricular activities serve as enrichment to the academic curriculum. Extra-curricular activities are activities that are not academic related but still under the supervision of the school. According to Ms. Rita Ruivivar, the activity coordinator of CSR Makati, co-curricular activities are related to academics thus, it could be outside school but still academic related. Extra-curricular activities on the other hand, are activities that are not academic related, for example basketball and volleyball teams, cheer force and other more. Based on, co-curricular activities are complementing but are not part of the regular curriculum while extra-curricular activities are educational activities that are not falling within the scope of the regular curriculum.
There was a research article in Korea made by Wi-Young So (2012). His article was about the association between physical activity and academic performance of Korean adolescent students. Surveys were given to the students to observe if physical activities are correlated with the student’s academic performance. He found out that vigorous physical activity is positively correlated with the academic performance in the case of boys. However, strengthening exercises were not positively correlated with the academic performance of both boys and girls. He also discovered that adequate physical activity can provide health benefits and it can be very helpful in weight control and reducing the risk of having chronic diseases. According to Davis and Pollock (2012), time devoted to physical activity at school does not harm the academic performance of a student and it may actually improve it. Achieving this level of activity in physical education programs is possible but it would require…...

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