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Effect of Morning Class

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Literature Sol said “After a morning class you don’t have to worry about it anymore and you can have time to study or go out,” “You’re fresher in the morning. Toward the night, you’re just tired.” Thacher said “Those who choose later classes also tend to sleep longer and consume more alcohol and other substances, while those who elect earlier classes may be more motivated to find ways to offset the early start time by making healthier choices about their daily living,” Witkosky said “I get tired later on in the day, and it’s harder to focus and concentrate, but you can’t always do that because there are so many other factors that play into that. Sometimes, the class isn’t even offered in the morning or your schedule doesn’t allow for it.
You know good and well that you'll spend many nights hopped up on energy drinks and cramming for exams. Did this not occur to you when you registered for an 8 a.m. class on a Monday? Is that really what you want your life to be about? Your professor is annoyed she has to be there at that time, your TA is not about that early bird life, and your classmates are either snoring through the lecture or having shaking fits due to caffeine withdrawals.
According to Lorraine Savage the effect of sleep deprivation on college students is a well-known problem. As we face the new experiences of dorm life, new sleep patterns, sharing dorm rooms, freedom away from parents to party, late night study habits, new clubs and activities. All this can lead to sleep deprivation and disruptive effects on our bodies and school performance.

A good night’s sleep varies with each person, but for adolescents and young adults, it is generally considered to be eight or more hours per 24 hours. Less than eight hours and the body’s efficiency start to decline. We know little about the health of this age range even though the consequences substance…...

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