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Education vs. Experience in Entrepreneurship

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Within the last 25 years the number of entrepreneurship courses increased twentyfold and lists over 45,000 books dealing with entrepreneurship. This demonstrates the increasing interest in entrepreneurial education and illustrates that there is a strong belief that entrepreneurship can be taught.
In contrast, successful business leader as Zineb Hefiri didn’t attend any entrepreneurial courses and argue that her success came from her life experience.1 Moreover, there are plenty stories about entrepreneurs who run a business without a college degree, some without even finishing high school.
Are they the exception or is being an entrepreneur an art that you either have or don't have?
What is the road to be a successful entrepreneur? Does entrepreneurship education make people better entrepreneurs? Or are life experiences enough to establish the required skills and knowledge? The purpose of this dissertation paper is to identify what makes a successful entrepreneur and to determine to which extent entrepreneurial education has more impact than a person’s life experiences.

1Mondo, M 2011, Entrepreneurship: Managing new venture growth, Pearson Education, viewed 04 December 2011

Facts about Entrepreneurial Education

As a matter of fact, there are no conclusive studies that directly examine the benefits provided by entrepreneurship education. Hence researchers are unaware of the implications entrepreneurship has on start-up company success. Most of the studies on entrepreneurship training look at whether people who have received this education perform better as those who have not. These…...

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