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Eastboro Machine Tools Corporation

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MBA Program
Course: Financial Analysis and Decision Making MBA730 Instructor: Marlena L. Akhbari Wright State University Finance and Financial Services



McGraw−Hill Primis ISBN: 0−390−42334−3 Text: Case Studies in Finance: Managing for Corporate Value Creation, 4/e Bruner

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ISBN: 0−390−42334−3

MBA Program

Bruner • Case Studies in Finance: Managing for Corporate Value Creation, 4/e II. Financial Analysis and Forecasting
1 1 6 16 16 39 52 52 60 66 66 84 100 100

6. The Financial Detective, 1996 11. ServerVault: ‘‘Reliable, Secure, and Wicked Fast’’
III. Estimating the Cost of Capital

12. ‘‘Best Practices’’ in Estimating the Cost of Capital: Survey and Synthesis 15. Teletech Corporation, 1996
IV. Capital Budgeting and Resource Allocation

19. Diamond Chemicals PLC (A): The Merseyside Project 20. Diamond Chemicals PLC (B): Merseyside and Rotterdam Projects
VI. Management of the Corporate Capital Structure

29. Structuring Corporate Financial Policy 31. Polaroid Corporation, 1996
VIII. Valuing the Enterprise: Acquisitions and Buyouts

41. Palamon Capital Partners/TeamSystem S.P.A.


Bruner: Case Studies in Finance: Managing…...

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...To evaluate the results and giving feedback - The evaluation matrix 赛默飞世尔中国大学 2011 年课程目录 13 Thermo Fisher China U 2011 Training Catalogue 卓越领导 Leadership Excellence 有效的变革管理 E ective Change Management 目标学员:中、高层经理 课程时间:2 天 课程费用:4500 元 / 人 课程目标: ※ 树立变革意识 ※ 学习变革工具 ※ 知道变革旅途中对变革的不同反应 ※ 学习领导变革的 5 大能力 主要内容: ※ 统一观念:我们需要变革 - 我们无时无刻不在经历着变革 - 定义巨变的工具 ※ 变革成功的关键因素:人和团队 ※ 分析现状找出差距 - 帮你实施战略计划 - 定义工具 ※ 提升变革能力 - 帮助你定位旅途的 8 个阶段 - 提升领导者领导变革的 5 大能力 Target Audience: Middle level above managers Course Duration: 2 days Course Charge: RMB 4500/person Objectives: ※ Build change awareness ※ Learn change tools ※ Know different behaviors during change journey ※ Learn J2N 5 to lead change Course Contents: ※ Aligning: We need to change - We experiencing change all the time - Tools to define the great change ※ KSF: people &team ※ Finding the gap - A tool helping facilitate strategic planning - Tools to define ※ Improve change capabilities - 8 stages in the change journey - J2N 5 to improve leaders' change capabilities 14 赛默飞世尔中国大学 2011 年课程目录 Thermo Fisher China U 2011 Training Catalogue 卓越领导 Leadership Excellence 项目经理的项目管理课程 Project Management - For Project Leaders 目标学员:需要提高项目管理能力的中、高层经理 课程时间:2 天 课程费用:500 元 / 人 课程目标: ※ 了解系统项目管理要素 ※ 了解项目管理技能及交际能力 ※ 将系统的管理项目应用于工作中 ※ 了解成功的项目管理的关键因素 ※ 了解项目管理的过程以及有关知识 Target Audience: Middle level above managers who need to improve project management skills Course Duration: 2 days Course Charge: RMB 500/person Objectives: ※ Understand the......

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