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Dynacorp is a major global information systems and communications company, originating in an office equipment company that moved into high technology applications in the 1960s and1970s. By the 1980s it had established a position as an industry leader known for its technological innovation. First to the market with high quality products significantly advanced on anything its competitors offered that customers would wait for their products. At this time the company grew very fast and expanded its markets to Europe, Asia and Latin America. However, all this changed in the 90s as evidenced by slowing growth and periods of reduced earnings which was linked to loss of leadership in getting new products to the markets, high costs and market changes that the company was slow to recognize. (Dynacorp case M2-85) The political lens sees the organization as an arena of competition and conflict among individuals, groups and other organizations whose interests and goals differ or even clash dramatically……., the roots of conflict lie in different and competing interests and disagreements require political action…, power and interest, coalition building and negotiation, conflict and conflict resolution are essential aspects of organization life. Power and interest are the key concepts of a political perspective on an organization( Ancona et al, 2005: M2-85)

I will define and use the power and interest concepts to analyze the political design of Dynacorp and elaborate on the factors promoting and hindering the change process at Dynacorp where it appears the jell-o liquid has been replaced by a rubbery mass.



Pfeffer defines organizational power as ' the potential to influence behavior, to change the course of events, to overcome resistance and get people to do things that they would otherwise not do' ( Ancona…...

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