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Tenzin Chime
The Big Picture
The purpose of the organization LIC Community Boathouse is to provide everyone with free kayak during the right season. In summer when the weather is really hot, people can come to the LIC bay and ask for the location of LIC Boathouse, and join the party. People may kayak any day without payment within the restricted zone. People however may not cross the boundaries set by the organization or their may be consequences. This organization is a non profit organization which means this originations don't make money out of this. They are funded by the people in community and with that they buy kayaking accessories.
LIC Boathouse has been a great service to the community. They provided people with not only the enjoyment of kayaking but they also teaches people how to kayak. The chairman Nicholas Lung-Bugenski is the head of this organization. And under him are the Steering Council Members consist of Victoria Olson, Steve Ellis, Ted Gruber, David Matten and Danika Durant. Danika Durant is also the volunteer coordinator. When there is volunteers, she guides them on how to do things, and also what to do. And as we the interns are also the volunteers, she is the person we talk to.
In my own perspective, I think the organization is doing a very good job maintaining a very good balances to the society. For those of who don't know how to kayak or have interest in kayak, they can kayak thanks to the LIC Boathouse. But I think this organization can improve by letting more people know of their organization. That way more people can come and if more people know about this, then the chances of increase in funding's will increase…...

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