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Doha Round

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INCENTIVES ADOPTED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF MAURITIUS TO PROMOTE FDI 10 INVESTMENT POLICIES 10 1. LEGISLATION 11  Law Practitioners Act 12  Companies Act 12  Public Procurement Act 13  Competition Act 13  Trade and Investment Framework Agreement 13  Employments Rights Act and Employment Relations Act 14  Financial Services Act 14  Securities Act 14  Insolvency Act 14  Other investment incentives 15  TRIPS Agreement 15 2. Fiscal policy 16 3. LIBERALISATIONAND DIVERSIFICATION 17 4. MACROECONOMIC STABILITY 19  Social and political stability 19  Exchange Control 20  Inflation control 20 5. FINANCIAL SERVICES 20 6. INVESTMENT FACILITATION 26 7. LABOUR MARKET REFORM 27 8. INFRASTRUCTURE 27  Transport 28  Telecommunication network 28  Building Premises 29


AGOA: African Growth and Opportunity Act
BOI: Board of Investment
BOM: Bank of Mauritius
COMESA: Common Market for Eastern & Southern Africa
DTAA: Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement
DTT: Double Taxation Treaty
EAC: East African Community
EC: European Community
EPZ: Export Processing Zone
FATF: Financial…...

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