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Do Standarized Tests Measure a Students True Academic Potential

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Measuring a Student’s Potential There is a moment in everyone’s life that occurs junior year of High School. It is the moment that will determine someone’s chances of getting into college…or not. It is a basis for measuring a student’s performance academically and also their general knowledge and logic. It is a standardized curriculum that every student takes, un-biased or composed by different teachers. It is the SAT or in other words, the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Full of multiple choice and open ended questions, students complete the exam anywhere between 5 to 8 hours and their scores are submitted during their college application process. The results will stay with them for a lifetime, either benefitting or bewildering them. Some get into Yale, while others settle for a less expensive and well known university. Then there are those that don’t attend college. But, the impact of the exam seems to hit hard at the heart. If someone scores poorly, they may think they aren’t smart enough or they did something wrong. Those who invented the SAT had every intention of measuring intelligence without any bias; everyone takes the same test so there is no complication. The impact of this is stress and feelings of doubt by students. Is the SAT a reliable source to measure student performance? If you look what defines an individual, it isn’t simply test scores. There are other areas of intelligence to be measured. The Scholastic Aptitude Test is not a reliable source for student performance because of 21st century advancement, economic misinterpretation and opportunities unrelated to academia. As time goes on, technology grows. Every year or month for that matter, there seems to be a new development or product that launches in our world and the population caters to its attention. When the I-Pad first hit shelves, many were eager to purchase one and adapt to the new…...

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