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Dns in Small Networks Step-by-Step Guide

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DNS in Small Networks Step-by-Step Guide
Microsoft Corporation
Published: January 2008
Author: Jim Groves
Editor: Jim Becker
This guide helps you implement Domain Name System (DNS) on the Windows Server® 2008 operating system in a small network. Windows Server 2008 uses DNS to translate computer names to network addresses. An Active Directory® domain controller can act as a DNS server that registers the names and addresses of computers in the domain and then provides the network address of a member computer when the domain controller receives a query with the name of the computer. This guide explains how to set up DNS on a simple network that consists of a single domain.

Step-by-Step Guide for DNS in Small Networks 5
Planning DNS 6
Understanding the DNS namespace 6
Designing a DNS namespace 8
Creating an Internet DNS domain name 9
Creating internal DNS domain names 9
Creating DNS computer names 9
Installing and Configuring AD DS and DNS 11
Configuring Client Settings 19
Advanced DNS Configuration 27
Adding resource records 28
Automatically removing outdated resource records 29
Troubleshooting DNS 31 Step-by-Step Guide for DNS in Small Networks
Domain Name System (DNS) is a system for naming computers and network services that maps those names to network addresses and organizes them into a hierarchy of domains. DNS naming is used on TCP/IP networks, such as the Internet and most corporate networks, to locate computers and services by using user-friendly names. When a user enters the DNS name of a computer in an application, DNS can look up the name and provide other information that is associated with the computer, such as its IP address or services that it provides for the network. This process is called name resolution.
Name systems, such as DNS, make it easier to use network resources by providing users with a way…...

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