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Diverse Jury

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Street Law for Youth Courts
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As a result of this lesson, students will be able to:
Identify the skills, experiences and values essential for ideal jurors
Explain the popular concept of “a jury of your peers” and describe its application in youth courts and adult courts
Define diversity and discuss the benefits of a diverse jury
Define terms such as: grand jury, petit jury, summons, jury pool, jury venire, voir dire, removal for cause, peremptory challenge
Describe the right to a jury given by the United States Constitution
Explain why the jury system is important in a democracy, especially in a pluralistic society

Chalkboard and chalk or flipchart paper and markers
(Optional) Several samples of help wanted advertisements. The ads should describe the type of candidate the employer is seeking. The particular job does not matter.


Help Wanted (enough for each student)


The Rights to Juries According to the U.S. Constitution (enough for each student) 3

How Are Petit Juries Selected? (enough for each student, plus an extra copy)


Options for More Diverse Juries (enough for each student)


News Flash! (enough for each student)

A Jury Of Your Peers


Street Law for Youth Courts

(Optional) Strauder v. West Virginia

Prepare the materials listed above.
Write up and post the outcomes of the lesson.
Write the definitions of petit and grand juries in flipchart paper or on a part of the chalkboard you can cover. The definitions are found in part three of the lesson. Take an extra copy of “Handout 3: How Are Juries Selected” and cut it into six strips. Each strip will contain information about a different stage of the process, so there will be strips for the summons, jury venire, voir dire, removal…...

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