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Disparity of Wages on the Labor Market Part 2

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Team Assignment
Disparity of Wages on the Labor Market part 2
University of Phoenix

Team Assignment 2
What are the research questions? 1. Do minorities get penalized when it comes to hiring and wages? 2. What is the average annual wages for each job type in the local region? 3. What qualities affect the wages earned annually by employees?
These questions will help to lead the direction of our paper, as well as to help ensure that our group can keep the focus of the paper to stay where we want it to be.

Identify one dependent variable among the variables in the Data Set for the organization assigned to your team. This variable must be the most suitable one among the variables whose values change with the changes in the values of other variables in the Data Set.
For this project, it has become clear that the dependant variable in our data set is wages. Independent variables that are a driving force, in this case, are going to be race, experience, and gender. These things can have an effect on wages that are to be set but being a Union member does not seem to have an impact on that. We also noticed that education did not seem to have an impact on the wages set for employees. What ethical considerations must you take into account?
We need to stop and think about the important ethical issues at hand. A focus should be put on how to fairly set a wage for employees. It is not ethical to give a person more money based on anything but their professional merits. In fact, The Equal Pay Act of 1963 was put in action in an effort to stop and prevent future discrimination…...

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