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Discussion Post- What Is Your Phobia

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Upon initially reading the instructions for this post, I thought I was going to have an incredibly hard time writing it, seeing as I do not believe myself to have a phobia. When I hear the word phobia, I think of someone who absolutely cannot handle being in a specific situation, suffering from increased heart rate, hyperventilating, mental/emotional breakdowns, and even passing out as a result of being overwhelmed by the entire situation. I looked up the definition of “phobia”, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary a phobia is an extremely strong dislike or fear of someone or something. I considered what my fears are and had troubled. I cliff jump and love heights, I don’t like bugs but they don’t scare me, and the dark can creep me out but usually only after a scary movie. Then I realized I am afraid of not making my dreams a reality. I am afraid of failure. I typed in fear of failure and according to a few different websites, including, fear of failure is a real phobia called Atychiphobia. I read that A person afflicted with atychiphobia considers the possibility of failure so intense that they choose not to take the risk. Often this person will subconsciously undermine their own efforts so that they no longer have to continue to try. I was doing this! This is a good assignment for me, because it has forced me to get out of my own way and focus on school. I have had a rough start for the past month or so, but now I am fully dedicating myself to my education, so I can get back to being a merchandising major. There is a lot more info on Atychiphobia at the E Home Fellowship website After this assignment I do take phobias more seriously but some of them I still find humorous and not a real phobia, just a quirk. I even consider Atychiphobia more of a doubt and fear (lack of self-confidence) than a…...

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