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Discrimination on Sexual Orientation at the Workplace

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Discrimination on sexual orientation at the workplace


Sexual discrimination at the workplace
Discrimination based on sexual orientation is among the leading forms of discrimination in today`s contemporary world. Sexual orientation refers to one`s psychological processes, instincts and sexual activity, as relates to members of the same sex, opposite sex or both. Homo sexual are people with sexual orientation towards people of the same sex; gays for males and lesbians for females. Bisexuals are those that are attracted to both men and women. In these definitions, it is important to underscore the fact that lesbians and gay people often have bisexual dispositions. Transgender persons are also victims of discrimination. These are people who are born with complete physical characteristics and features of one sex, but often feel emotional and psychological belonging to the opposite sex. As such a male feels and acts like a female, and vice versa. Many people, including those with sufficient understanding in psychological and social issues argue that trans sexuality is the root cause of homosexuality and bisexuality Morrow et al 19). Many studies in homosexuality associate the state of trans gender to complex emotions and instincts that cross over to attraction to members of the same sex. There are other claims that it is an effect of socialization, this one is not naturally born into it. Trans sexual have often come under discrimination in learning institutions, workplaces and social places. They have been branded as people with a confused sexual identity. Collectively, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender are often abbreviated as LGBT (Badgett 44). Sexual activity is mainly based on one`s preferences and instincts. In this sense, a person might be attracted to members of the opposite…...

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