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Yadvendra Kishore


22 Years Old






B.Tech – Mechanical








Khalsa Public School, Saharanpur





St. Mary’s Academy, Saharanpur


Academic Achievements
 School Topper in Class 12th.
 Certificate of Merit from the Govt. of Uttar Pradesh for excellent performance in Mathematics in Class 10 th.
Internship/Live Projects
Reliance Industries (Summer Training)
16th May – 12th June 2015(4 weeks)
Learnt general maintenance scheme, types of maintenance and components of Pump. Learnt how effective selection of one component can increase the life of another and save on running costs as well.
Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan (Winter Training)
8th Dec – 29th Dec 2014(3 weeks)
Project Title: Water Quality Assessment. Tested the quality of water that is supplied to Dehradun city. Concepts learnt also helped me analyse the water quality at SVNIT and to study, understand and explain the test reports by 3 rd party to the authorities.
30th June – 15th July 2014(2 weeks)
ITC Ltd. (Summer Training)
Studied and made a presentation on Centrifugal Compressors and derived an excel formula to calculate daily CFM Consumption. Learnt how to work on projects out of domain area and get the required authentic information from various sources.
1st June – 30th June 2014(4 weeks)
ACE Ltd. (Summer Training)
Developed an overall perspective of working of a heavy construction equipment and automobile manufacturing industry. Learnt about the importance of different verticals in the industry for example: Production, Procurement and Quality and the contribution that each one makes to increase the productivity of the firm at min. cost.
9th Dec – 30th Dec 2013(3 weeks)
Star Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd. (Winter Training)
Developed an overall perspective of working of a process industry and how every department which itself is like a different industry contributes to the production of the final product. Learnt how to make effective use of resources and the need and benefits of recycling it.
Academic Projects
Model for Observing
Vibration Phenomena

It is a setup aimed at helping future generations of engineering students to visually observe various vibration phenomena
(Course : B. Tech; Team Size : 5 )

Positions of Responsibility
 Hostel Secretary, Tagore Bhavan, SVNIT Surat, (2013-14)
 Headed the Hostel Management Committee and managed every department like mess, finance, network, etc. besides revolutionizing festival organization.
 Team Leader, O-GIP, AIESEC in Surat, 2013
 Organized and held talks for seniors to inform them about AIESEC’s global internship opportunities in all the engineering and commerce colleges of Surat City, did follow ups with those who were interested and helped them prepare for the selection process.
 Student Coordinator, Alumni Cell, SVNIT Surat, (2013-14)
 Help organized 2 Alumni events on the campus and was selected to give opening as well as tribute speech on Alumni Convention
 Team Lead, Dome Organizing, Singhania Computers at IT-EXPO Surat, 2014
 Made and lead a team of 9 people with varying skills and majorly handled supply chain and one to one sales for 4 days.
 Mess Secretary, Gajjar Bhavan, SVNIT Surat, (2012-13)
 Kept check on food quality and carefully designed mess menu to suit regional diversity, also made the contract public.
Extra-Curricular Activities
 All India First Runner Up in LinkedIN-MTV Get a Job Season 2 Contest for Uber
 Won a Gold Medal in Table Tennis in Inter Year Championship, SVNIT Surat
 Trekking: Completed two National Treks with YHAI.
Key Interests
 Bike Riding: Knows Surat City in and out. Ex-Member, Team Yamaha, Surat.
 Table Tennis: Won several table tennis championships in school as well as in UG college.…...

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