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Desney Got Its Nmojo Back

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According to the reading featuring Disney’s Frozen movie via Fortune Magazine Disney has mad it back on the map with a epic movie “Frozen” after almost two decades has paved a new road for Disney. January 13, 2014 Fortune magazine has posted an article stating that Disney Animation has released its first epic movie of decades. Iger tells Fortune, the company plans for the franchise to include a Broadway showing.

The tale of two estranged sister princesses who must learn to come together to de-ice their homeland, Frozen has racked up big numbers. It was voted No. 1 all-time Disney animation debut, and it is expected to soon pass The Lion King in overall box office. Frozen has been nominated for two Golden Globes and may get an Oscar nod; it’s the No. 1 album on both iTunes and Amazon.

This is an important process when it comes to movies and their debut to hit the big screen in live action. Disney uses the web to advertise, sell communicate with it’s producers and consumers. Disney has a good strategy when the creators are making new movies and using the newer technology to help enhance the characters motions and pictures. Creating movies in a 3D effect plays a big part on the visual of the movie giving it a more “realistic” approach.

Disney has many great advantages when creating a new “hit” movie. Example, Frozen has what (DIS) or Disney calls “franchise” potential, which means that it’s characters and themes will be translated across the company to everything from toys to theme park rides to interactive characters. This being a big deal, because there are only a select handful of franchise brands at Disney. “They’re not just making money inside of that film window,” says Tony Wible, senior media and entertainment analyst and Janney Capital Markets. “In that Disney fashion, they set it up across the whole spectrum.”

Frozen was introduced by Disney in hopes of enhancing Disney as it is today and newly reengineered to come up with a movie that has been thrown around since the 1940’s, although they have upgraded the characters and brought the movie up to a modern day classic tale as (both sisters are strong protagonists with a modern sensibility rather than passive females awaiting a man). This giving a new outlook to many young people that may watch this film and take on what’s going on.

The impact that Disney and the creators goes far beyond the movie theater, making it a prime example of the man that Iger has become known for during his time with Disney. Anna and Elsa, the leading characters in the movie, have already become top-selling toys, as has Olaf the snowman, and a Frozen attraction at Disney’s theme parks would be another logical step.

In the interview with Fortune Magazine, Iger is harder to quantify, but also important. Disney Animation is no longer the frumpy second fiddle to Pixar. Although the impact of the film won’t rock Disney’s world completely it definability put’s Disney back on the map. Especially since ESPN contributes to so much of profit - animation is, and will always be, the emotional core of the business, Says Iger: “We’re not demanding speed,” he says. “we’re demanding excellence.”


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