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Decison Making

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Decision Making
January 23,2012
Diane Roberts

Decision Making Process At twenty one years old a young girl decided to make the decision that would destroy her or give her a second chance in life. She met a guy that she thought she loved. Upon being with the guy she found him to be physically and mentally abusive. Two years into the relationship, she found out that she was pregnant. She was faced with a decision. Should she stay and suffer the abuse, and endanger the child all for the sake of having two parents in the child’s life, or should she have an abortion, cut her loses and leave the man. Ultimately the girl decided to leave the guy and have the child but even as she made that decision, she found another set of woes being a single parent. The decision making process is inclusive of identifying the problem, generating alternative solutions, evaluating alternative solutions, making the choice, implementing the decision and evaluating the decision. The young adult mentioned in the introductory paragraph was me. I didn’t implement all of the steps mentioned in the text but I did use some however I it is my belief that the decision would have been different if all of the steps were used. I clearly knew that there was a problem in this relationship and as I sat and thought I realized that I needed to determine alternate solutions but that could not happen until I determined within myself that I was ready to completely resolve this. The Batemen and Snell (2011)states “the decision maker must dig in deeper and attempt to diagnose the situation” (para.3).In my digging deep I found that I did not want to face the reality of this situation. There was psychological conflict, one part of me said that he could change and then another part of me knew that this wasn’t healthy. I generated the alternate solutions and I decided that the most appropriate…...

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