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Decision Sciences Research in China

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Decision Sciences Volume 38 Number 1 February 2007

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C 2007, The Author 2007, Decision Sciences Institute

Decision Sciences Research in China: Current Status, Opportunities, and Propositions for Research in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Quality Management∗
Xiande Zhao
Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shantin, NT Hong Kong, e-mail:

Barbara B. Flynn†
Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, 801 W. Michigan St., BS 4010, Indianapolis, IN 46033, e-mail:

Aleda V. Roth
Department of Management, College of Business and Behavioral Sciences, Clemson University, 343A Sirrine Hall, Clemson, SC 29634, e-mail:

As China becomes increasingly important to the global economy, it is critical to conduct high-quality research on important decision sciences issues there. This article provides an extensive review and critique of the extant China-based literature on supply chain management, logistics, and quality management, based on the foundation established by Zhao, Flynn, and Roth (2006). In general, decision sciences research in China is in its infancy. Although there have been some very interesting and well-executed articles, the majority are descriptive and focus on status updates. We provide a set of propositions to guide future research in logistics, supply chain management, and quality management in China, as well as guidelines for dealing with some of the unique challenges of conducting empirical research in China.

Subject Areas: China research, Logistics, Quality Management, Supply Chain Management. INTRODUCTION
Research on business issues in China is becoming increasingly important to the global economy. Offshoring and outsourcing to China is fast transforming supply
∗ This…...

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