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Business Research Reflections In week two the objectives were to state the purpose of business research,
Develop appropriate research questions and hypotheses, and identify dependent
And independent variables. The purpose of conducting research in a business is to find and identify any
Problems that may already exist, or may arise later. Business research is done to
Obtain information, and to separate the business from their competitors. By
Conducting a business research, testing for alternatives can be sauté out so that
Any problems can be remedied. Alternative testing can also aid in finding new
Paths to take if the problems cannot be fixed. In researching for business, questions must be asked so that the research has
The starting point. Research questions need to be strong and solid, as well as
Adequate to the business so a hypothesis can be made. The questions
Must also have the ability to be answered, due to the fact that the questions lead
To a set of hypotheses. The set of hypotheses then tries to find the connection of One or more variables. In identifying the two variables, independent and dependent, the researcher
Needs to figure out what the cause is or will be; this is the independent variable. After the cause of independent variable is found, the researcher then needs to
Determine if there are any effects from it. These effects are the dependent
Variables, which must be identified in order to gain a final result. References:
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1) Electronic reserves reading materials…...

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