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Fethullah Cap
Professor Eisenberg
26 February 2013 Young Sailor
1-) First of all, When I saw the exhibits at MET there were many historical fine arts and painting on the other hand when I go to one exhibit I feel like I am at that time because they mention lots of details for example design of the place. And also I experienced history of art like at Matisse exhibition often painted two or more versions of the same scene to experiment with the style and techniques.
2-) The most what I like is The Young Sailor II the details are simple figure drawing made up of fewer lines the young men has soft body his heads hangs at small angle and he has quick curve for nose and youthful lips. The whole figured was an eighteen years old fisher man and it seems to be more childlike expression of the first portrait the decorative elements are simplified as they are painted as large gloves of color fingers bolt. And also there is major contrast between mask like quality of the sailor face and the wild eyebrows, nose, and lips are painted detailed. On the other hand what I like of The Young Sailor II is there is a portrait one normal person explains and mentions that time art and work in public. Because most of artist painting good view or something else I think this kind of portrait is more enjoyable then other kind of view or painting nature.…...

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