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Sixth Grade DLO
6.13 PRESENTATIONS: The student speaks before a group to express or defend an opinion, present information, give directions, tell a story, or share a book.





! presentation has a dynamic beginning AND ending with a well-organized middle





Volume &



! presentation is organized with a beginning, middle,
AND ending

! presentation is unorganized, lacking a beginning, middle,
OR ending

! transition phrases are effectively used to move smoothly from point to point
(e.g., because…, so…, in the afternoon) ! includes some transitions; may sound artificial
(e.g.,1,2,3; first, next, last)

! no transitions

! clear purpose or theme with well-defined main ideas AND many supporting details
! adjusts rate of speech for emphasis, clarity or dramatic effect ! clear purpose or theme with main ideas AND some supporting details
! rate of speech is slow enough for audience to think and respond and fast enough to hold their attention

! unclear purpose or theme using only a list of facts

! unnecessary pauses or fillers are not noticeable


! unnecessary pauses or fillers
(i.e., um, ah, you know) do not affect the pace
! presentation is loud enough to be heard clearly by audience ! frequent, unnecessary pauses or fillers (i.e., um, ah, you know)
! overall, presentation is inaudible, losing the audience’s attention

! most words are pronounced correctly and are easily understood ! speaks with some expression ! many words are pronounced incorrectly and are unclear

! presentation is loud enough to be heard clearly by audience using varied volume for intended effect
! all words are pronounced correctly and are easily understood ! expression is varied throughout the presentation, giving it voice
! body faces the audience demonstrating poise and confidence ! body faces the audience; may have some movements that do not distract from the presentation Body Language &
Eye Contact
! uses gestures for clarification ! uses some meaningful and emphasis throughout the presentation 6.13.3

Note Cards &
Visual Aids


! lacks expression or expression may be inappropriately used
! body is often turned away from the audience or frequent movements distract from the presentation
! no gestures are used or if used they are meaningless

! makes frequent and natural eye contact with most of the audience ! successfully uses note cards as a reference for remembering key points

! makes frequent eye contact with the audience

! makes very little or no eye contact with the audience

! uses note cards as a reference but may rely on them too much

! may use note cards but limits presentation to only reading what is written on them OR orally reads a written product

! if used, visual aids are well prepared and enhance overall message of presentation ! if used, visual aids add to presentation by clarifying or adding new information

! if used, visual aids do not add clarification or interest to presentation OR are not well prepared Revised Presentations Rubric

! rate of speech is too fast or too slow, distracting the audience from the intended purpose…...

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