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What types of waste (muda) are in the current production process of the cell and how does Jake and Dan's new cell design eliminate them?
Muda was identified in several areas. In the transportation step there was muda identified with the operators using excessive time transporting the carts from station to station, and back again to perform specific steps. With the inventory, there were many batches left idle that were not completed within the shift. There was no system of organization for the tools and as a result many tools were missing. There were many shared resources, so a great deal of muda was identified with the workers simply waiting for a machine. Also there was a considerable amount of time wasted due to reworks with workers installing various parts of the motor was put together incorrectly.

If you were the instructor who needed to give a grade to Jake and Dan, what grade would you give them and why?
I would give them a C. They did well in their observation of the other cell, however they did not bother gaining insight into the PSEM cell before they started changing the layout of the workstations and operating procedutes.
a. What did they do well?
They observed the process well, identifying muda in various areas and came up with a time and money saving process.
b. What did they do poorly?
They did poorly in their attempt to communicate with the individual workers. Instead of talking to the workers to get their input on the process, they simply observed the operation, and wanted to make changes based on their observations of different cell’s operations
c. What should they do for the rest of the week?
For the rest of the week, they should work to close the language barrier between them and the workers. I know it would be impossible to learn Czech, however they should work more closely with the translators in an effort to understand the…...

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