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Trisha is a powerful Indian movie that tells the story of a poor young woman who fell in love with the son of a wealthy business man. Trishna, the main character is played by Freida Pinto and her love interest Jay, is played by Riz Ahmed. This movie is set in contemporary Rajasthan which is the largest state in the republic of India in 2011.
Jay is the son of a wealthy business man who has returned home to India to work in his father’s hotel business. Trishna meets Jay by chance when she was dancing at a hotel lobby and he is instantly attracted by her beauty and her plight. He offers her a job working in one of his father’s hotels and she accepts the position out of necessity because her father was involved in a car accident which left him disabled. At first things went well in their romance, Jay is very generous and he even sponsors Trishna to take a course in hotel management. They seem to be genuinely falling in love even though their romance would cross class barriers which would pose a threat to the relationship.
Things took a drastic turn one evening after they shared a kiss, Trishna returned home to her father in a frantic manner and later found out she was pregnant. Whether she was raped by Jay is unclear in the movie. After a lot of pressure from her family, she reluctantly aborted the pregnancy. Jay later found Trishna and convinced her to move with him to Mumbai. After a short lived happy spell in Mumbai, Jay started showing the cruel and cold blooded side of him. His physical and emotional attitude towards Trishna changed for the worse. Jay left Trishna in Mumbai and flew to London knowing the apartment lease has expired and Trishna was forced to vacate the apartment in his absence. Jay father disapproves of the relationship and pulls him away. He later finds Trishna and convinced her to return to work as a hotel employee and continue to be his secret mistress because he could not risk exposing their relationship. Jay becomes overly sexually abusive when he starts reading the Karma Sutra. This leads him to experiment different sexual positions in cruel and abusive manner that were repulsive to Trishna. His indifference towards to her feelings ultimately leads to the unthinkable.
The movie sadly ended after Trisha could no longer tolerate the abuse, she stabs Jay three times in the chest and he died instantly. Trishna later commits suicide with the same knife she used to take Jay’s life.

I do not like the movie because of the tragic way it ended and the cruel inequality between sexes in the sample of India society it portrays. Even though Jay genuinely loved Trishna, he felt she was subservient to him and Trishna on the other hand was very passive and naïve, she had no say in what happens to her. Trishna’s life was marginalized from the start; she was a victim of poverty and a class system she was unable to escape from. She felt powerless when she tries to walk away from the abusive relationship as she needed to work to help her family. Trishna is also treated coldly at home by her father who demands her wages with little interest in her wellbeing or how she gets paid. She also suffers from low self-esteem even though she is beautiful and has a kind heart. She is very naive and time after time she gave in to Jays abusive demands. Trishna could have lived a beautiful life if only she had the opportunity to be empowered and educated. Jay took advantage of her because of her situation and his status; he felt he could get away with anything because he was from a wealthy upper class family.
The movie portrays a structured class system in which the upper class do not interact with lower class folks. The story is unique because Trishna and Jay were not supposed to fall in love because they were from different class systems. In the home, the father is the head of the family and roles are clearly defined. The father is the bread winner and the mother usually takes care of the home. It is a male dominated society and women are expected to raise the children and have little or no say in decision making. People, especially women live their lives according to their family’s wishes.

The culture is very colorful and music is a part of daily living. People communicate freely and openly using hand gestures. Indian culture is very family oriented. Women dress modestly, their culture discourages the exposure of skin by preventing the wearing of tight or transparent clothes. Women are expected to respect and be submissive to their husbands. I also noticed women greets by pressing hands together with a smile which I find fascinating and unique. The dance tradition is very beautiful to watch as gestures and facial expressions communicate ideas freely. The dance routines are very unique and it is deeply imbedded in their culture. I learned a lot of difference between American and Indian culture. In America, women have freedom to dress how they like and are very independent. Even though the father is the head of the family, decisions are made with the woman’s consent. In America, families are small in size compare to the extended family set up I observed in the movie. I also observed that upper class families do not get involve in marriages with lower class families and if some is born in a lower class system, it can be very difficult to move up into another class.
Based on Geert Hofstede’s country score, I was able to get a better understanding on the differences between the United State and India. The culture and way of life I observed in the move accurately represents India on the Geert Hofstede’s country score. India has a high power distance culture where people appreciate hierarchy and a top down system. America is an individualistic society that promotes independent and creativity while India has a score of 49 which reflects its high preference for belonging to a larger social framework in which individual are expected to act in accordance to the greater good of ones defined in-group. Both countries have similar masculinity score (India 57/US 63) which means both societies are driven by competition, achievement and success. Both countries have a low score on uncertainty avoidance which means in both countries’ culture, people are willing to take risk in the pursuit of their goals.…...

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