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A business report is meant to put across information useful to a particular business. Actually, a business reports lets the stake holders know the position that their investment stands. These reports also provide problems that have been faced by the business and also the strategic plans that are supposed help solve the problems in future. The following report is basically evaluating two companies’ annual reports. This report will consider all factors such as services, products, and the environment as well as stake holders, both internal and external; based on the annual reports of both, Mitsubishi and Sony companies. Both have designed their reports to inclusively create awareness to all their stake holders, concerning the CSR actions that the companies may be planning to undertake


The following report will be based on;

Setting out the differences between the reports of the two companies in terms of the range of issues dealt within the reports and the depth of the coverage;

a. Explain the differences between the two reports in terms of country or industry factors;
b. Assess the quality of the reporting in terms of Zadek’s (1997) criteria
c. Evaluate the extent to which it would be appropriate for the two companies to use a standardized approach;
d. Make recommendations about how each of the reports could be improved and why

A. Set out the differences between the reports of the two companies in terms of the range of issues dealt with in the reports and the depth of the coverage.

Mitsubishi Materials CSR Report 2011

The report is deliberately made to inform everyone with some interest in the Mitsubishi Materials and the Mitsubishi Materials Group and at the same time raise more awareness on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities undertaken and still…...

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