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Csr and Employees

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Employees
An insight into the relationship between CSR and companies’ own employees

Corporate Social Responsibility vs. Employees

Most of the current researches and data available today regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are on the cause and effect of CSR initiatives on the customers’ perception of the company. According to those data, it is apparent that the more companies are involved with CSR initiatives, the better they perform in terms of customers’ brand and product evaluations (Klein). There is also quite a bit of information on how customers nowadays view company’s CSR with increasing weight and importance. However, there seems to be a shortage of information on how companies’ CSR initiatives affect their own employees. Because employees are the primary stakeholders who directly contribute to the success of the company, understanding employee reactions to CSR is helpful in discovering potential effects of CSR on firms and causes leading up to these effects (Bauman). Through observing employees’ perception on CSR and their attitude change due to their company’s investment in CSR, we can delve deeper into the intrinsic motivation behind companies’ CSR initiatives, rather than purely focusing on the results.

The purpose of this research paper is to address this specific topic: relationship between CSR and companies’ employees. In addition to providing you with great insights on CSR’s impact on employees, this research paper will also give you recommendations on how to improve this relationship, through initiatives that empower employees in, to make CSR more effective and beneficial to both the company and their employees.

Here are the topics that will be covered in this research paper: * Why CSR? * Relationships between CSR initiatives and Companies’ Employees * Effects…...

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