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Csr: a Journey Towards Sustainability

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“Corporate Social Responsibility: A Journey towards sustainability
Case Study on Ballarpur Industries Ltd.” in reference to Yamunanagar Plant”
*Ms. Shilpa Jain

**Mr. Abhishek Tripathi


CSR is not new to India; companies like TATA and BIRLA have been imbibing the case for social good in their operations for decades long before CSR become a popular cause. Inspite of having such life size successful examples, CSR in India is in a very nascent stage. It is still one of the least understood initiatives in the Indian development sector. Thus the situation is far from perfect as the emphasis is not on social good but rather on a policy that needs to be implemented. A lack of understanding, inadequately trained personnel, non availability of authentic data and specific information on the kinds of CSR activities, coverage, policy etc. further adds to the ineffectiveness of CSR programmes. But the situation is changing and CSR is coming out of the purview of ‘doing social good’ and is fast becoming a ‘business necessity’. The ‘business case’ for CSR is gaining ground and corporate houses are realising that ‘what is good for workers - their community, health, and environment is also good for the businesses. Present article focuses on the CSR with the case study of BILT (YamunaNagar Plant) as a concept and analyses the real life case study. Present paper is divided in to two parts.
First part gives the insight of CSR as a concept, current trends of CSR in India and Global
Standards on which CSR is implemented and Second part deal with the BILT
*Mrs. Shilpa jain (Asst. Professor) S.D. Institute of Management and Technology, Jagadhri. Email id: MBA, MA (eco.), Ph.D(submitted). Mob. 9416453225
**Mr. Abhishek Tripathi (Lecturer)…...

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