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Critically Evaluating an Argument

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Title | Investigating a Problem and Refining a Solution |

Assessment Part A: Investigating and Rating Sources of Information | Is the website from Kathleen credible? | The website from Kathleen is credible. | The website from Kathleen is not credible. | | Is the website from Kathleen relevant? | The website from Kathleen is not relevant. | The website from Kathleen is somewhat relevant. | The website from Kathleen is highly relevant. | | Is the survey from Martine credible? | The survey from Martine is credible. | The survey from Martine is not credible. | | Is the survey from Martine relevant? | The survey from Martine is not relevant. | The survey from Martine is somewhat relevant. | The survey from Martine is highly relevant. | | Is Naureen's story credible? | Naureen's story is credible. | Naureen's story is not credible. | | Is Naureen's story relevant? | Naureen's story is not relevant. | Naureen's story is somewhat relevant. | Naureen's story is highly relevant. | | Is the American Medicine article credible? | The American Medicine article is credible. | The American Medicine article is not credible. | | Is the American Medicine article relevant? | The American Medicine article is not relevant. | The American Medicine article is somewhat relevant. | The American Medicine article is highly relevant. | | Is the article from Deanne credible? | The article from Deanne is credible. | The article from Deanne is not credible. | | Is the article from Deanne relevant? | The article from Deanne is not relevant. | The article from Deanne is somewhat relevant. | The article from Deanne is highly relevant. | |

Assessment Part B: Identify the Steps and Refine a Solution to a Problem | Policy A: Issue – The policy is highly…...

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