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Critically Discuss the Issue of Priority Setting Within the Nhs

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Nursing in a
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Critically Discuss the Issue of Priority Setting
Within the NHS

It is no surprise that the role of the nurse has had to change over the last few decades; nurses are dynamic, vital members of a successful health care team. RCN (2009) The role they play is crucial in order to provide a consistent and quality service from health promotion and prevention strategies to clinical treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care. (NHS,2008). Nurses contribute greatly to a modern health care system hence the emergence of many specialist nurse practitioners who have undertaken additional specialist education in order to provide advanced nursing care and nurse prescribing services. RCN (2009) However in order for nurses to uphold the pledge of lifelong learning (NMC, 2008), it is imperative that they improve both clinically and academically and have an understanding of some of the important and current issues within the NHS. One such issue apparent over the last decade, and the cause of much recent debate has revolved around ‘priority setting’ within the NHS. Therefore the focus of this essay will be to critically analyse the subject of priority setting in relation to rationing and funding in the healthcare setting.

“It is a matter of fact that rationing exists. It existed under the previous Government, and it exists now. Only when we recognise that rationing is a natural part of any service provided by the state can we make the necessary decisions as to how to apportion limited resources,” (Fabricant, 1998)
Michael Fabricant MP, Standing Committee on Health Bill, 1998.

From its launch in 1948, the aim of the NHS was to provide a comprehensive health care system designed to secure improvement in the mental and physical health of people (Baggott, 2004). A…...

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