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Criminal Identification Process

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Criminal Identification Procedures

Fingerprint and palm print, Camera and wiretap surveillance

Everything in life evolves and takes another form. Crime is no exception it does the same

thing as well. Crime is changing in the modern world we live in today and criminals are more

sophisticated and intelligent then before. The computer world has brought many technological

advancements and even the criminal justice system have benefit from it. One of the most useful

gifts that was given to the system was fingerprint and palm print. This advancement brought with

it advantages and disadvantages. The effects of these advances on the constitution can be

surprising. The advances also effect the efficiency of the criminal justice system from the

perspective of crime control. These crucial findings can lead to recommendations concerning the

use and reliance on these advances.


From the womb to death, one thing that never changes is a person’s fingerprints.

Fingerprinting identification in the criminal justice system has been in existence for more than

100 years. Its first use in the United States was in 1902. Because of everyone’s unique

fingerprint map or features, no two individuals are alike. On the other hand, a person’s physical

characteristics are subject to change over time. Fingerprinting is one of the most accurate

techniques in personal identification. In the criminal justice system, fingerprinting is a power

tool. Its uses in the criminal justice system have made it possible to convict guilty individuals

with low odds of inaccuracy (The FBI: The Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2011). The evidence

of fingerprints are enough for the conviction of criminals…...

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