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Criminologist vs. Criminalist and Crime Variation
Law Sanders
American InterContinental University

The basis for this paper is to demonstrate the differences between criminologist and criminalist. As the discussion is clarified the topics of the UCR (Uniform Crime Report) will arise with attention to the specific crimes of type 1 and type 2. Finally, the distinction between those crimes that are white-collar vs. blue-collar and of which are violent in comparison to those that are committed to property.

Crime Variation
Biological, neurological, psychological, chemical, behavioral, and cognitive deficits along with other environmental factors work to shape human behavior and, by extension, criminal behavior (Contemporary Criminological Theory, 2013). As human behavior continues to develop and the formation of criminal behavior starts the crime rates increase within our society. The individuals that study, analyze crime, criminals and their behavior are known as criminologist.
There are a variety of specializations within the field of criminology. A criminologist may study and analyze crimes and behavior of a specific age group or a certain type of crime such as robbery. A criminologist uses their knowledge, training and experience for criminal litigation. Additionally, criminologist focus on the social and psychological traits of offenders to uncover behavioral patterns used to identify suspects and speed investigations.
Criminologist study the who, what, when, where and why of criminal behaviors. The research performed increases apprehension rates with local law enforcement. Additionally, a criminologist may specialize in DNA testing, firearm analysis or drug identification. Outside the public sector a criminologist may be employed in private counseling for victims of specific crimes and/or a retailer for the loss prevention…...

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