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Creative Tendencies

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I have learned through this chapter that creative problem solving occurs less frequently then analytical problem solving. I have never really considered myself a real creative person, although I have creative my own unique and creative tendencies. As I learned many people think of creativity as being “one-dimensional” (me included) and also many of us have built up conceptual blocks which limits and blocks our problem solving effectiveness. After reading this chapter, I have a greater perspective on creativity and how to achieve it through the four types of creativity – incubation, imagination, improvement, and investment, all in which I can use in a variety of ways to bring out my creative side. On this assessment I had completed in chapter three, I picked out five statements that would indicate creative tendencies and five statements that I would consider not to indicate creative tendencies. Creative tendencies would include: Daydreaming has provided the impetus for many of my more important projects (B). I believe that daydreaming gives you the opportunity to think creatively, it gives you a chance to really dive into your own creative thinking and think outside the box. I like hobbies that involve collecting things (C). I disagreed on this; I’m more of a physical type of person and an active type of person who enjoys watching and playing sports, but I think I need to think of a more creative hobby that I may enjoy. Inspiration has nothing to do with the successful solution of a problem (C). I completely disagreed with this statement, just for the simple fact inspiration I believe, helps in all decisions and problem solving. I am always inspired to do different kind of work or think more creatively when I am inspired. I sometimes get a kick out of breaking the rules and doing things I am not suppose to do (C). Following the rules is a must, but…...

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