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General Course Comments and Expectations Take a minute or so and CAREFULLY read the syllabus and the supplemental information to see what will be required of you in the course and what you will be expected to do over the next eight weeks. This course will require you to spend some time in completing it. The course outcomes are not difficult to achieve but they are time consuming. It is not unusual for students to spend 20 hours or more on this course every week during the first four weeks. After that time, for the most part, the course workload does decrease to a somewhat lower level. PLEASE, please become familiar with the grading philosophy and the grading rubrics that will be used in this course. There are 200 possible points in this course and the points allocated to each of the written assignments are self-explanatory. I will use one grading rubric for each of the individual one page written assignments in this course. There is no rubric for the case studies, but there are guidelines for them in the supplemental material. The written assignment rubrics will be returned to you when I return the feedback on the assignment. I will attach an “answer” sheet with each written assignment, including case studies. I will also use a rubric to grade your participation in this course. I will grade and return the individual participation rubrics to you each week. There are two grading rubrics, therefore, that will be used in the course. These grading rubrics are posted separately. If you have questions about them, then please ask. In terms of APA, I expect all of you to use this method for citations and references. I require a cover sheet for all assignments and a reference page. These pages do not count toward the number of pages needed in an assignment. Case study assignments should be double spaced IAW APA standards, but the one and three page papers should…...

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