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Costco Wholesale Corporation and the Kroger Corporation Stock Analyses

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Costco Wholesale Corporation and The Kroger Corporation Stock Analyses Chart:[1]
In the news: The market industry trend for the companies are moving downward for the past couple of weeks putting so much pressure on the two companies up direction stock performance on specific days. Facebook IPO could have a story behind the downward performance of the industry. The Kroger Co. (KR) announced this past week that they have been honored a prestigious Black Pearl Award for advancing food safety and quality.[2] The Black Pearl Award is named once every year and The Kroger co. had the honor of having it in 2012. This award is given by the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP). This means that Kroger co have put so much efforts to advance food safety and quality through consumer programs, employee relations, educational activities, adherence to standards, and support of the goals and objectives of the IAFP.[3] This announcement was declared on the 15th of May. When you look at the graph you can see the direct effect on the stock that day. On the 15th of May 2012 the stock performance holed up against the opposite direction of both market indexes Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange. This up direction performance is a reaction of the positive news that was released to the investors. Nonetheless, the up rising performance for both KR and COST did not hold for more than a day and got dragged down by the market index. On the other hand Costco did not have any releases that day and its performance was still going upwards against the index. This upward performance of COST could be still from the previous release on the first update paper. My personal thought that was rooming in to my mind is wether the Facebook IPO has an affect on investors or the stock holders decision to sell and invest in the FB stock, move out to a new industry. The volume trade in…...

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