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Coral Sea Hotels- Highlander Mt Hagen

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Highlander Hotel & Apartments- Mt Hagen


Highlander Hotel is located in Western Highlands Province in Papua New Guinea, and is a brand member of the Coral Sea Hotels under Steamship’s Group of Companies The vital motive of the organisation is to provide hospitality service. The Coral Sea Group of Hotels has been established since 1973. However there has been a massive refurbishment plan which is in evident today and their facilities cater to a varied market including local patronage and International Tourist. The change recently made offers first class facilities to the discerning consumers, and include a new wing room, a new Restaurant, Kitchen facilities, Conference facilities as well as a dedicated Gymnasium.
They also provides services for Business houses as well as Government entities, with the provision of conference facilities available for Private functions, Party, Hire as required function at Pool Side. Other special places catered too especially for Birthday barbequing and Wedding ceremonies. This paper will present on the following aspects 1. The human Resource Structure, 2. The importance of having effective Personnel Management, 3. How it manages its Personnel. a) Recruitment b) Working Conditions c) Staff Training d) Workplace Communication e) Staff Discipline f) Problem solving (Grievances and Complaints)
1 .The Human Resource Structure
The Hotel has a large group of employee who have specialty in different skills of their carrier, from Management thus to cleaning staff, which ensure that all area of the Hotel operation are catered for and to enable The Highlander Hotel is to receive a return on its investment, all staff need to be aware of the in important of performing their respective duties, with an attitude of being a part of a Total Team, which will also…...

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