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Contract Employment

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Contract employment

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The purpose of this study is to 1) Define contract employment and outline its importance. 2) To discuss employee’s perception about contract employment. 3) To discuss the future of contract employment in India.



A contract of employment is a bilateral agreement for the exchange of service and remuneration over a period of time. Employment contract is that form of contract for personal service which the courts recognize as expressing the social relationship of employer and employee, as opposed to the other relationships.


The essential features of contract of employment are * offer * acceptance * consideration * competent parties * legal object and * free consent.



A contract of employment also contains various other terms and conditions to which both employee and employer are bound. A breach of such terms and condition will repudiate the contract. The terms and conditions are regarding wages, status designated, place of working, timings, list of benefits to be given during employment, restraint of trade, if any etc. Another important condition is regarding the settlement of disputes between the employer and the employee. The terms and conditions must be provided to the employee before or at time of signing the agreement, so that he can understand the terms he is going to be bound by. After reading all the terms and conditions of the agreement, it should be signed by both the parties. A subsequent notification will indeed amount to modifications in the original contract and will not bind the other party unless he has assented thereto.…...

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