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Contextualising Different Needs

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Tourism Sales: Contextualising for Different Needs

Contextualisation: Why and What?

The diversity and flexibility of the Training Package brings with it the need for clever and responsible RTOs, who are able to interpret and adapt the Training Package to meet particular individual and industry needs. The Tourism Sales units are good examples of units that need effective contextualisation to achieve the outcomes industry needs. These units specifically require evidence of the following as a critical aspect of assessment:

project or work activities that show the candidates’ ability to sell tourism products and services within the context of the particular industry sector in which they are working or seeking work; for those undertaking generic pre-employment training, assessment must cover a range of industry contexts to allow for a broad range of vocational outcomes

|Unit of Competency |What’s the Same Across Contexts? |What Varies Across Contexts? (examples only) |
| |(examples only) | |
|SITTTSL002A Access and interpret product |Focus on customer service (eg meeting and|Customers (eg another industry colleague, member of the|
|information |exceeding expectations) |public, corporation) |
| |Understanding of industry processes (eg |Products and services (eg a tour, a conference package,|
| |for reservations, confirmations, |a type of entertainment) |
| |itinerary development) |Ways of communicating (eg selling face to face, over…...

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