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✓ Over 6 years of experience in Banking and IT Industry. Involving in functional testing ✓ Working as Associate Test Lead around 2 years and Worked as Assistant Manager in ICICI Bank Ltd for 4 Years ✓ Good understanding of business processes of Banking Industry and Testing Industry. ✓ Extensively used defect Management tools like Digite and Quality Centre ✓ Basic knowledge in Testing Methods. ✓ Knowledge in Oracle SQL* Plus Queries ✓ Involved in preparation of MIS reports in Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis ✓ Extensive knowledge in MS-Access ✓ Strong domain knowledge in Retail Banking and Lending ✓ A Self Initiator, Deterministic, Goal-Oriented, Proactive, Adaptive and Possess good Communication Skills


Operating System: Windows NT/XP/2003/2007/Macintosh
Languages: C, C++, SQL
RDBMS: MS-Access
Reporting Tools: Business Object Report, Crystal Report


✓ Bachelor of Science from Madurai Kamaraj university college, Madurai, India during 2001-2004. ✓ Master of Business Administration from Tamilnadu college of Engineering, Coimbatore, India during 2004-2006


✓ Maveric Systems Ltd., India, Associate Test Lead March ’10 – Till date ✓ ICICI Bank Ltd, India, Programmer August ‘06 to March ‘10

Duration: 4 Years
Designation: Assistant Manager (Branch Operations)
Software application used: FINACLE (core banking solution from Infosys)

Job Profile • In charge of all branch operations for both assets and liabilities

Key Responsibilities • Responsible for handling Savings, Current account, Overdraft accounts, Term Loan accounts, Time deposits, Cash Management, Remittances…...

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